Best of Supercomputing 2022 Video Edition

Best Of SC22 Axe Web Cover
Best Of SC22 Axe Web Cover

This has taken longer to get out than expected. The reason was a bad chorizo burrito a week ago. Still, it is out, finally! SC22 was more than 3x the size of the SC21, and the show floor was back to being vibrant. Vendors returned, hardware was out, and it was an exciting place to be once again. As such, I put together my notes into a 17-minute video where we blast through an array of topics. We did not catch everything, but hopefully, this will give folks a good overview if they missed it.

Best of Supercomputing 2022 Video Edition

Here is the new video:

Some things look much better in the video version, such as cutting a liquid cooling line with an axe to see how the solution prevents leakage. We have articles either published or coming for most of this content.

For those who want to skip around and see all that is covered:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:12 Cerebras Wafer-Scale AI Engine Block
  • 02:39 ASUS Leans into AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa
  • 03:23 AIC’s Removable EDSFF Storage AMD Genoa System EB202-CP
  • 04:28 Lenovo Neptune Liquid Cooling for AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA and Atos Cameo
  • 04:55 Gigabyte Ampere NVIDIA Arm Server and a Huge AMD EPYC Genoa GPU Server
  • 06:20 Inspur AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa and Liquid Cooled OAM Platform
  • 06:37 Next-gen Tyan Servers at SC22 and a Kioxia CM7 Cameo
  • 06:54 Supermicro’s X13 and H13 Platforms including NVIDIA H100 Servers
  • 07:38 Dell PowerEdge XE9680
  • 08:20 Ingrasys ES2100 with NVIDIA Spectrum-2 and Kioxia EM6 and other Ethernet SSDs
  • 08:56 HPE brings AstroLabs Lunar Rover to the SC22 show floor
  • 09:48 Microsoft Azure HPC at SC22
  • 10:39 NVIDIA BlueField-3 Shows Itself
  • 11:08 The Intel CPU Max and GPU Max 1100 Series
  • 12:08 CoolIT 500kW CDU in 10U
  • 12:53 Chilldyne Liquid Cooling aka the Axe Demo
  • 14:55 CXL including Astera Labs, QCT, Microchip, and Unifabrix
  • 16:32 My Favorite Part of SC22
  • 17:38 Wrap-up

That is a huge list, but it gives some idea of the pace at the show.

Final Words

SC22 felt very different from previous shows. My pace was much higher than normal, and that has led to our coverage taking longer. It is something to fix for next year. Still, we saw so many cool things that I wanted to share with the STH community I figured it was time to start that process.


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