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Supermicro MicroCloud with 8x AMD Ryzen AM5 Nodes at Computex 2023

We take a look at the Supermicro MicroCloud 3U chassis with 8x AMD Ryzen AM5 nodes inside as we tour the Computex 2023 show floor

Supermicro Shows Liquid-Cooled NVIDIA H100 Delta Next at ISC 2023

Supermicro showed off a liquid-cooled HGX H100 8x GPU system at ISC 2023 and it takes more engineering than we thought

Supermicro SYS-111C-NR 1U Intel Xeon Server Review

In our Supermicro SYS-111C-NR review, we see how this single-socket 1U Intel Xeon server offers a huge upgrade over the previous generation

MLPerf Inference v3.0 Shows New Accelerators

MLPerf Inference v3.0 is out with a number of new accelerators from NVIDIA, Moffett, NeuChips, Rebellions, and more

Putting the Bare Metal Server in the PhoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud

We install a special server into the PhoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud so we can show an instance's lifecycle from hardware to operation

Supermicro SYS-221H-TNR 2U 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Server Review

In our Supermicro SYS-221H-TNR review we see why the X13 Hyper line with the new 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors is a big leap forward

Supermicro X12SDV-10C-SPT4F Review Intel Xeon D-1749NT Motherboard

In our Supermicro X12SDV-10C-SPT4F we see how this mITX platform combines a 10 core Intel Xeon D-1749NT, 25GbE, and 10GbE for edge servers

Supermicro A3SPI-4C-LN6PF Review Intel Atom C5315 Parker Ridge is Here

In our Supermicro A3SPI-4C-LN6PF review, we test the new Intel Atom C5315 "Parker Ridge" SoC and find a feature we were not expecting onboard

ChatGPT Hardware a Look at 8x NVIDIA A100 Powering the Tool

If you have heard about the OpenAI ChatGPT AI inference running on the NVIDIA A100 and what to know what a NVIDIA A100 is, this is for you

Supermicro X12SDV-4C-SP6F Review 25GbE and Intel Xeon D-1718T

In our Supermicro X12SDV-4C-SP6F review, we see what is new with this FlexATX Intel Xeon D-1718T platform with 25GbE onboard