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IDC 2Q20 Server Tracker Inspur and ODM Direct Grow Dell Contracts

In our IDC 2Q20 server tracker analysis, we see Inspur, ODM direct, and Lenovo jump while Dell EMC grows at a slower rate than the market

AMD PSB Vendor Locks EPYC CPUs for Enhanced Security at a...

In this article, we discuss AMD PSB or Platform Secure Boot where AMD EPYC CPUs are vendor locked to server OEMs. Great for security. Bad for 2nd hand use

Hands-on with a Trio of Supermicro SuperBlade Systems

We check out the trio of Supermicro SuperBlade systems spanning 4U, 6U, and 8U form factors. Each targets unique segments with very different capabilities

Supermicro SYS-1019P-FHN2T with Intel PAC N3000 Hands-on

We check out the Supermicro SYS-1019P-FHN2T with the Intel PAC N3000 accelerator for 5G, ORAN, and edge analytics applications

Supermicro Scality RING Solutions Launched

Supemicro Scality RING solutions are out now and at STH we have hands-on looks of the initial storage server nodes that the solution uses

Hands-on with Supermicro Ultra 12x NVMe SSDs in 1U Server

We get hands-on with the Supermicro Ultra 12x NVMe 1U server and get some bonus time with a new short-depth server before it is released

Hands-on with the IP65 Rated Supermicro Outdoor Edge System

We get hands-on with the IP65 rated Supermicro Outdoor Edge System designed to provide compute for 5G and AI video analytics directly on the pole

Hands-on with the 1U Half-Petabyte Supermicro EDSFF Server

We check out a Supermicro server that fits about 0.5PB of EDSFF NVMe storage into a single U along with dual processors, NICs and even Optane PMem

Of BBQ and Virtualization Why Large Nodes Reign

In a fun piece, we explore why planning for virtualization servers is just like planning your BBQ or barbecue cooking infrastructure

New Supermicro 60-Bay Top Loading Storage Server Hands-on

We get some hands-on time with the new Supermicro 60-bay top loading storage server which features a new focus on serviceability and flexibility