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Supermicro Launches 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable and DCPMM Support

Supermicro launches support for 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Optane DCPMM. Patrick talks about the new technologies on camera

Supermicro M11SDV-4C-LN4F Review mITX AMD EPYC 3151 Platform

Our Supermicro M11SDV-4C-LN4F review shows how this AMD EPYC 3151 mITX platform compares to Intel Xeon D-2100 and D-1500 platforms as well as other members of the M11SDV family

Supermicro M11SDV AMD EPYC 3000 Platform Overview Video

Our Supermicro M11SDV platform overview video shows the basics of the first mITX AMD EPYC 3000 series platform to hit retail shelves and the channel

Supermicro SYS-2049U-TR4 Review A 4P 2U Xeon Scalable Server

Our Supermicro SYS-2049U-TR4 review shows why this Intel Xeon Scalable 4-socket platform is flexible enough to replace two 1U dual-socket servers

Supermicro M11SDV-8CT-LN4F Review with AMD EPYC 3201 in mITX

Our Supermicro M11SDV-8CT-LN4F review shows what this mITX AMD EPYC 3201 8 core low power Intel Xeon and Atom alternative can do

Supermicro M11SDV-4CT-LN4F Review Low-Cost AMD EPYC 3101

We test the Supermicro M11SDV-4CT-LN4F and review the mITX motherboard with features ranging from an AMD EPYC 3101 CPU to its compatibility

Supermicro A2SDi-8C+-HLN4F Review Intel Atom C3758 Power

Our Supermicro A2SDi-8C+-HLN4F review finds a well-balanced platform with high storage I/O and memory capacity alongside the 8-core Intel Atom C3758 SoC

Supermicro M11SDV-8C-LN4F Review AMD EPYC 3251 mITX Platform

Our Supermicro M11SDV-8C-LN4F review shows why this AMD EPYC 3251 mITX platform is one you should look at as an Intel Xeon D alternative

New Supermicro 4-way and 8-way Servers For Scale Up

The new Supermicro SYS-2049U-TR4 (2U 4-way) and SYS-8049U-E1CR4T (4U 8-way) are designed to allow new types of in-memory computing alongside Cascade Lake.

Supermicro CEO Letter and 3rd Party Investigation Find No Hardware Hack

In another data point suggesting Bloomberg's big hack story is fake news, Supermicro CEO issues a letter about a 3rd party investigation that failed to find evidence of spy chips