Editorial and Copyright Policies

At ServeTheHome, we take editorial and copyright policies seriously. This site takes a lot of hard work to maintain and we want to be clear on our policies for doing so.

Editorial Policy

From time to time we do receive products for review from vendors. Some products we receive are pre-release samples so that reviews can be produced in time for a product launch. We will distinguish which products are pre-production samples.

It is our practice never to receive monetary compensation for a stated review outcome. What does this mean? We are not taking money to give positive reviews or say one product is better than another. Conclusions drawn in articles are due to the merits of what was reviewed. That’s the way it should be.

We also do not pre-share reviews with vendors in order to maintain editorial independence. We may validate test results from time-to-time as that can be an important step in the review process, however, vendors will not get to influence the published review.

ServeTheHome does not have an in-house ad sales department. That means that external ad networks sell and serve the banner advertisements on the site. From time-to-time commissioned links may be posted, but frankly feel free not to use them (although we appreciate if you do.) This site costs a lot of money to maintain, and advertisements help keep the lights on. We also purchase some hardware for review and advertisements help pay for that. In no way do advertisements influence the outcome of a review.

Conflicts List

We also have done consulting engagements in other roles, have had product furnished for review, investments in, or have familial relationships with the following companies.

  • Amazon.com (affiliate links)
  • AMD
  • Apple
  • ASUS
  • ASRock
  • ASRock Rack
  • Baidu
  • Carlyle Group
  • Cavium Networks
  • Citrix
  • CyrusOne
  • D-Link
  • Dell
  • Digital Realty Trust
  • DuPont Fabros Technology
  • DXC Technology
  • ebay (affiliate links)
  • Gigabyte Technology
  • Google (Adsense ads)
  • Hewlett-Packard Inc
  • HP Enterprise
  • Icy Dock
  • Intel
  • Intuit
  • iXsystems
  • Juniper Networks
  • Kingston
  • KLA Tencor
  • Kodiak Data
  • Lenovo
  • Micron
  • Micro Focus International
  • Microsoft
  • Netgear
  • NetApp
  • Oracle
  • QCT
  • QNAP
  • Ruckus Wireless
  • Seagate
  • StarTech
  • Supermicro
  • Symantec
  • Synology
  • Tripp-Lite
  • Toshiba
  • Ubiquiti Networks
  • VMware
  • Western Digital
  • Zume Pizza

The work we have done for these companies does not influence content on STH. We will publish and maintain this list in the interest of transparency.

Copyright Policy

Up to 300 consecutive characters of any piece may be reproduced for the purpose of creating a synopsis of a piece, if and only if, the synopsis is being used to link back to the original article. Up to one image from an article may also be used for the purpose of providing a synopsis and link back to the original piece. Any other use including copying in part or in whole of articles is not permitted and nobody shall have the right to create derivative works without express written permission.

Use of this site and the content herein is solely authorized for the purpose of researching topics covered under the articles posted on this site. Any other use is expressly prohibited. By using any content not in line with these copyright policies, an organization agrees to $10,000 per use fee to be paid immediately upon notice.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to use the contact form. Also, if you have a product that you would like reviewed on STH, please use the contact form.