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ASRock 4×4 BOX-5800U Review A Tiny AMD Ryzen 7 5800U Mini...

In our ASRock 4x4 BOX-5800U review, we see how this AMD Ryzen mini PC offers great performance in a NUC-like form factor

AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 Launched with Zen 3 and DDR5

AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 series processors are out with Zen 3, PCIe Gen4, DDR5, and a feature missing that we would have expected

AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Platform Overview

In our AMD Ryzen 7000 series platform overview, we discuss the new Zen 4 IO die, the new socket AM5, and AMD's new supporting chipsets

ASRock Rack 1U2N2G-ROME/2T Review 1U 2-Node AMD EPYC GPU Server

In our ASRock Rack 1U2N2G-ROME/2T review, we see how this 1U 2-node AMD EPYC GPU server differs from anything else we have reviewed

Lenovo Launches Intel Sapphire Rapids AMD EPYC Genoa and Chinese Arm...

Today Lenovo launched new Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids, AMD EPYC Genoa, and Arm servers ahead of those platform launches

Gigabyte MC62-G40 AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro Motherboard Review

In our Gigabyte MC62-G40 AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro motherboard review, we see how this platform performs and offers lots of expansion options

AMD and Intel 2P Server Core Count Growth 2010-2022

From a talk I am giving this week, here is a look at dual-socket server AMD and Intel CPU core count growth from 2010-2022

Intel QuickAssist in Ice Lake Servers What You Need to Know

Intel QuickAssist hardware acceleration offers massive performance gains. We run through compression, VPN, and nginx to see the impact

AMD Pensando Giglio DPU for 2023 Salina DPU in 2024 and...

AMD Pensando has new DPUs on its roadmap. In 2023 we expect the AMD Pensando Giglio generation and in 2024 the 800G Salina generation

VMware vSphere 8 to Offload Key Functions via AMD Pensando DPU

AMD Pensando DPUs will run VMware vSphere 8 and use its big network engines and accelerators to enable zero-trust networking and security