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Packet Launching Microservers with Netronome SmartNICs and an EPYC Surprise

Packet is putting a different spin on microservers. The company's early 2019 microserver offering will utilize Netronome SmartNICs along with Ampere eMAG Arm CPUs, Intel CPUs, and what the company may have inadvertently tipped off as AMD EPYC 3000 series CPUs during our discussion

AMD EPYC 7371 Pricing Update An Insane Value

We just got word of the AMD EPYC 7371 pricing which was missing from our review and benchmark piece earlier this week. AMD is continuing its extremely aggressive pricing and taking it to another level with this frequency optimized part

AMD EPYC 7371 Review Now The Fastest 16 Core CPU

In our AMD EPYC 7371 review, we show how this frequency optimized processor is now the fastest 16 core CPU. We will also show why this part is set to change the narrative of AMD EPYC versus Intel Xeon (Skylake-SP) in a market shifting manner.

Gigabyte H261-Z60 Server Review 2U4N AMD EPYC for Dense Compute

Our Gigabyte H261-Z60 server review tests a next-generation 2U4N platform. This 2U 4-node AMD EPYC server is targeted at dense compute deployments. We test the server with 256 core and 512 threads to see how it performs versus four 1U servers

Xilinx Alveo U280 Launched Possibly with AMD EPYC CCIX Support

At Supercomputing 2018 we saw the launch of the Xilinx Alveo U280. Buried in the accompanying whitepaper for the 2019 product is AMD processor CCIX support which could point to AMD EPYC Rome generation support in a few quarters

Cray Shasta Cooling by CoolIT for Over 1024 Threads Per U

We saw the new Cray Shasta liquid cooling by CoolIT Systems supporting over 1024 threads per U of rack space while lowering energy consumption

New AMD EPYC 7371 Frequency Optimized Processor Launched

New AMD EPYC 7371 frequency optimized processors are launched with a massive 700MHz or more increase in base and turbo clock speeds. For those that desire higher-frequency AMD EPYC, this will be the SKU for you

Top500 November 2018 Our New Systems Analysis and What Must Stop

We analyze the November 2018 Top500 supercomputers list's new additions, show trends, and show a practice of benchmarking web hosting clusters that must stop

AMD EPYC 2 Rome What We Know Will Change the Game

With the AMD EPYC 2 Rome bombshell including 64 cores, PCIe 4.0 connectivity, and an improved NUMA architecture, we take stock of AMD EPYC 2 Rome versus Intel Cascade Lake-SP to see where the mainstream market will be in 2019

AMD Next Horizon Event Live Coverage AMD EPYC 2 Details

In San Francisco today we expect to hear more about the AMD 7nm plans for AMD EPYC "Rome" and new 7nm Radeon Instinct accelerators.