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Gigabyte G492 PD0 Cover

Gigabyte G492-PD0 is the Ampere Altra Max Arm NVIDIA A100 Server

The new Gigabyte G492-PD0 combines an Ampere Altra Max Arm server CPU with the 8x GPU NVIDIA HGX A100 platform for a unique AI server design

New Intel Mount Evans IPU ASIC DPU at Intel Vision 2022

We saw a new Intel Mount Evans IPU at Intel Vision 2022 that was more refined and closer to what will ship compared to what we saw last year

NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU on Geekbench 5

We had several questions about the NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU's Arm core performance versus a Raspberry Pi 4 and Intel Atom, so here is Geekbench

SolidRun LX2-Lite and CLEARFOG LX2-Lite NXP Layerscape Solutions Launched

The SolidRun LX2-Lite uses the NXP Layerscape Arm CPUs on a modular package to be used in networking applications

Microsoft Azure Adds Ampere Altra Arm CPUs

Microsoft Azure joins Oracle Cloud and several Chinese hyper-scalers in adding Ampere Altra-based instances to its cloud

NVIDIA Grace-2xHopper Supercomputer Building Block at GTC 2022

NVIDIA made two brief mentions and had a small image of the NVIDIA Grace-2xHopper that looks like a supercomputer building block

The Apple M1 Ultra Shows the Future of Chip Design

We talk Apple M1 Ultra and why it shows the future of workstation and even server chip design leveraging several current industry trends

Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express UCIe 1.0 Launched

Designing chips is about to get a lot more exciting with Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express or UCIe 1.0

MikroTik CCR2004-1G-2XS-PCIe is a 2x SFP28 25GbE Router on a PCIe...

The MikroTik CCR2004-1G-2XS-PCIe combines an Annapurna Labs Arm CPU, two SFP28 ports, and RouterOS to make a router on a PCIe card

NVIDIA – Arm Merger Canned and a New Path Forward

The NVIDIA - Arm merger has been called off. Arm has a new CEO that will focus on IPO while we expect NVIDIA to push software revenues