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A 16x NVIDIA GPU 128 Core Arm Server Supermicro ARS-210M-NR with...

We review the Supermicro ARS-210M-NR with 16x NVIDIA Ampere 16GB GPUs and 128 Ampere Altra Max Arm cores designed for cloud deployments

NVIDIA Grace Superchip Features 144 Cores 960GB of RAM and 128...

The NVIDIA Grace Superchip boasts 7.1 TFLOPS of FP64 performance peak with 144 cores, 960GB of LPDDR5X memory, and up to 128 PCIe Gen5 lanes

NVIDIA BlueField-3 400Gbps DPU Exposed

We found a NVIDIA BlueField-3 400Gbps DPU while checking out upcoming Supermicro servers at an undisclosed location

Marvell Octeon 10 Arm Neoverse N2 DPU in the Wild Rivaling...

We take a look at a Marvell Octeon 10 DPU platform to see what the top-end public DPU offers with Arm Neoverse N2, DDR, and PCIe Gen5

Best of Supercomputing 2022 Video Edition

In our best of Supercomputing 2022 video, we give you a short show floor tour and give our favorite sights from the show

Raspberry Pi Cluster Versus Ampere Altra Max Supermicro Arm Server

We compare a Raspberry Pi cluster versus a recent Supermicro Ampere Altra Max server we reviewed and talk Arm servers

Supermicro ARS-210ME-FNR 2U Edge Ampere Altra Max Arm Server Review

We review the Supermicro ARS-210ME-FNR. This is a 2U short-depth edge platform designed around the Ampere Altra Arm CPUs for something different.

A 32 core Ampere Arm and NVIDIA Edge Platform from 7Starlake

We found this 7Starlake ruggedized NVIDIA GPU and Ampere Arm platform with 10GbE designed for military applications. It just looks cool.

Ampere Shows Next-gen AmpereOne DDR5 PCIe Gen5 Arm Server

Ampere Mt Mitchell is the next-gen AmpereOne Arm server with DDR5 and PCIe Gen5 shown at OCP Summit 2022. We even guess the manufacturer

The Most Important Server of 2022 The Gigabyte Ampere Altra Max...

We take a look at the Gigabyte G242-P32 NVIDIA A100 and Ampere Altra Max Arm HPC developer platform to see the most important server of 2022