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Apple Mac Mini M1 10GbE Gets 10Gbase-T

We take a look at the Apple Mac Mini M1 with 10GbE and see a new Marvell 10Gbase-T NIC that we think our users will gravitate to

Arm Neoverse N2 and V1 at Arm Tech Day 2021

At Arm Tech Day 2021 the company disclosed more on the Arm Neoverse N2 and V1 cores along with its next-gen CMN-700 fabric solution

Arm-azing Grace Combines Arm CPU NVIDIA GPU and NVLink

We discuss the NVIDIA Grace platform announcement, what it means for the industry, and the misleading figure in the presentation

NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU Available BlueField-3 Samples in Q1 2022

NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPUs are now available and BlueField-3 samples are expected in Q1 2022 as 400Gb / PCIe Gen5 devices

Armv9 Introduced at Arm Vision Day 2021

At Arm Vision Day 2021, the company introduced Armv9 which it says will power the next decade of devices as compute proliferates

Ampere Altra Max M128-30 128 Core Arm Server Update

Ampere releases its first benchmarks showing scaling from the 80 core Altra to the 128 Arm server core Ampere Altra Max

SolidRun HoneyComb LX2 Server Announced 1U 2-Node Arm

The SolidRun HoneyComb LX2 Server fits two 16-core Arm-based nodes into a 1U chassis providing a bridge between high and low-end alternatives

Ampere Altra Wiwynn Mt. Jade Server Review The Most Significant Arm...

In our Wiwynn Mt. Jade platform review, we see what we believe is the most significant server of 2020 powered by Ampere Altra Arm processors

NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB Brings Arm and CUDA for $59

The NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB brings Arm cores and CUDA GPU execution to a $59 price point by slashing onboard RAM in half versus the previous model

NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4GB TX2 and NX Hands-on

We get hands-on with some initial impressions with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4GB, Jetson TX2, and Jetson Xavier NX edge AI solutions from NVIDIA