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QCT QuantaMesh 100GbE Routers and Edge Servers at Computex 2019

STH stopped by the QCT booth to see some new 100GbE QuantaMesh routers as well as a number of edge server devices at Computex 2019

New QCT QuantaMicro X11C-8N 2U 8x Intel Xeon E-2100 Microserver Launched

The QCT QuantaMicro X11C-8N fits 8x Intel Xeon E-2100 nodes in a single 2U enclosure. There are GPU and storage options for the nodes as well, thereby making the system flexible. Cabling is reduced by over 82% versus individual 1U servers.

Quanta QCT Shows Samsung SZ985 Z-NAND Array and 4P Servers

We saw a 6.4TB Samsung SZ985 Z-NAND array in a GPU compute platform from Quanta QCT along with some of the new QCT QuantaGrid Q72D-2U 4-socket servers

QCT QuantaMesh T9032-IX9 Say Hello to the 32-port 400GbE Switch

As data centers ramp adoption fo the 25GbE / 100GbE generation, the QCT QuantaMesh T9032-IX9 is looking to next-generation hyperscale and telco networks as a 32-port 400GbE switch

Using QCT Quanta LB6M 10GbE Switch for Container Networking

We set up a QCT Quanta LB6M 10GbE switch for container networking and show you how to get started quickly with the inexpensive 24-port switch

Turbocharge the Quanta LB6M with Brocade TurboIron

If you want to go 10GbE for the price of 1GbE, the Quanta LB6M is the best option right now. Flash it with Brocade TurboIron software for something special

New QCT 2nd Generation Servers with Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Newly launched QCT 2nd Generation servers with Intel Xeon Scalable Processors are out with more to come. We have details on the new line

New QCT QuantaMesh 100GbE Networking from Computex 2017

We had the chance to see new QCT QuantaMesh 100GbE Networking options from the company's Computex 2017 booth including a 128 port 100GbE switch

QCT QuantaMesh T3024-P05 Review – Half-Width 10GbE Switch

Our QCT QuantaMesh T3024-P05 Review - A half-width 1U 24-port 10GbE switch with dual 40GbE uplinks and wide SFP+ / QSFP+ optics compatibility

New QCT 100GbE Switches Launched: QuantaMesh T7032-IX1 and T4048-IX2

QCT launched two new 100GbE switches based on the Broadcom Tomahawk chipset. The QCT QuantaMesh T7032-IX1 and T4048-IX2 switches feature 10/25/40/50/100GbE