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Patrick Selfie With Cerebras WSE 2

Cerebras HPC Acceleration ISC 2022

At ISC 2022 we got to chat with Cerebras on how the company is expanding the scope of its software efforts to solve new industry challenges
Hot Chips 32 Cerebras WSE Gen2

Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine 2 WSE-2 at Hot Chips 33

At Hot Chips 33, we see the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine 2 (WSE-2) and its memory (MemoryX) and interconnect (SwarmX) cluster solutions
Graphcore IPU Machine M2000 With Heatsink

Graphcore Celebrates a Stunning Loss at MLPerf Training v1.0

We dig into the strange case where Graphcore celebrated a stunning performance and price/ performance loss to NVIDIA in MLPerf Training v1.0
Cerebras WSE Tesla V100 Side By Side

Cerebras WSE-2 and CS-2 More than Double

The Cerebras WSE-2 more than doubles the capacity of the company's first Wafer Scale Engine, and is at the heart of its CS-2 system
Cerebras WSE Tesla V100 Side By Side

Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine Gen2 7nm 2.6T Transistors

With 2.6 trillion transistors the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine Gen2 offers a completely different paradigm compared to other AI training solutions

Our Interview with Andrew Feldman CEO of Cerebras Systems

Our interview with Andrew Feldman, CEO of Cerebras Systems, about how the company produced its wafer-scale AI chip, CS-1 machine, and what it means for the company and the AI space
Cerebras CS 1 Cover

Cerebras CS-1 Wafer-Scale AI System at SC19

At SC19, the Cerebras CS-1 debuted showing how the company plans to package and sell its wafer-scale AI chip in a 15U system
Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine Size

Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine AI chip is Largest Ever

At Hot Chips 31 (2019) the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine stole the show as being an AI chip so large that it is the biggest chip possible on a 300mm wafer