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Liquid Cooling Next-Gen Servers Getting Hands-on with 3 Options

We get hands-on with 3 liquid cooling technologies rear door heat exchanger, immersion, and direct to chip and get to test the benefits
Inspur NF5488A5 GPU Tray Coming Out

Inspur MLPerf Training v1.0 Insights

We get a chance to chat with Inspur about its MLPerf Training v1.0 results and some of the trends happening in the industry
NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial Copy

NVIDIA TensorRT 8 Launched for AI Inference

NVIDIA TensorRT 8 is out, helping to drive AI inference performance. The company also discussed Merlin in the recommender systems space.

ASUS RS700-E10-RS12U 1U Intel Xeon Ice Lake Server Review

The ASUS RS700-E10-RS12U houses dual Intel Xeon Ice Lake processors and a NVIDIA A100 GPU in a 1U server platform

CPU-GPU-NIC PCIe Card Realized with NVIDIA BlueField-2 A100

As a precursor to Grace, we found the NVIDIA BlueField-2 A100 combining an Arm CPU, Mellanox NIC, A100 GPU, memory, storage, and maybe NVLink
Inspur NF5488A5 NVIDIA HGX A100 8 GPU Assembly Cover Image Big

Inspur NF5488A5 8x NVIDIA A100 HGX Platform Review

In our Inspur NF5488A5 review, we see what this AMD EPYC powered 8x NVIDIA A100 Delta platform offers as a big upgrade to the previous-gen

Top500 June 2021 Our New Systems Analysis AMD Wins Big

In our Top500 June 2021 new systems analysis, AMD won big with Intel being buoyed by Lenovo submitting Chinese service provider clusters
Graphcore IPU Machine M2000 With Heatsink

Graphcore Celebrates a Stunning Loss at MLPerf Training v1.0

We dig into the strange case where Graphcore celebrated a stunning performance and price/ performance loss to NVIDIA in MLPerf Training v1.0
Habana Labs Gaudi HLS 1 OAM System

MLPerf Training v1.0 Results Still NVIDIA Led but with 500W NVIDIA...

MLPerf Training v1.0 again is primarily a NVIDIA benchmarking exercise but we see a few other interesting results in the mix

NVIDIA NDR Infiniband 400Gbps Switches

NVIDIA NDR InfiniBand switch systems discussed at ISC21 ranging from 32-2048 ports of 400Gbps NDR ports or 64-4096 200Gbps NDR200 ports