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NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Module Shot

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Module for Robotics Development

At a launch event today, the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier module is now available for robotics applications shipping in volume, not just for developer kits. NVIDIA also announced a new NVIDIA Jetson TX2 4GB module for lower cost embedded applications

NVIDIA MLPerf v0.5 Results Show DGX-2H Power

NVIDIA DGX-2H chassis chained together in a 32x system set along with clusters of DGX-1 and DGX-2 systems set six world record benchmarks on the initial set of MLPerf v0.5 results launched today
Titan RTX Cover

NVIDIA Titan RTX Launched with 24GB and NVLINK

With 24GB of GDDR6 memory, the new Turing architecture with Tensor core support, and NVLink support for a second GPU, the NVIDIA Titan RTX launch is one highly anticipated by AI and deep learning researchers. It is less expensive than its Titan V predecessor to boot

Gigabyte G191-H44 1U 4x GPU Server Launched

Mew Gigabyte G191-H44 servers fit four PCIe x16 GPUs in a 1U form factor for dense HPC compute scenarios. These servers offer maximum bandwidth from hosts to PCIe cards like the NVIDIA Tesla V100
Inspur AGX 5 Front At SC18

Inspur AGX-5 and Our SC18 Discussion with the Company

We got to see the Inspur AGX-5, the company's high-volume derivative of the NVIDIA HGX-2 at SC18 supporting 16x NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs today with NVSwitch and Volta-Next SXM3 modules in the future. We also take some time at SC18 to talk to the company about its AI plans

NVIDIA DGX-2H Now with 450W Tesla V100 Modules

Pushing 450W TDP per NVIDIA Tesla V100 the NVIDIA DGX-2H offers a mid-cycle upgrade to customers bumping performance as well as power consumption now nearing 12kW per 10U system
NVIDIA SC18 To Exascale And Beyond

NVIDIA Supercomputing 2018 Announcements

We cover the NVIDIA Supercomputing 2018 announcements. This includes new entries into the Top500 list released alongside SC18. GCP has adopted the NVIDIA Tesla T4. NVIDIA accelerates weather modeling. NGC now supports multi-node containers. Check it out

Top500 November 2018 Our New Systems Analysis and What Must Stop

We analyze the November 2018 Top500 supercomputers list's new additions, show trends, and show a practice of benchmarking web hosting clusters that must stop
DeepLearning12 Half Heatsinks Installed 800

Gigabyte G481-S80 8x NVIDIA Tesla GPU Server Review the DGX1.5

Our Gigabyte G481-S80 8x NVIDIA Tesla GPU server review with NVLink. With upgraded infrastructure including Intel Xeon Scalable, we call this an NVIDIA DGX 1.5 class system

NVIDIA RAPIDS For Data Analytics and Machine Learning

NVIDIA and its partners are launching RAPIDS. RAPIDS is an open source project for data science encompassing data preparation, model training, and visualization.