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DeepLearning11 10x GPU Server Three Quarters Later Pricing Updates

We explore why DeepLearning11 a template 10x GPU server for deep learning and AI now costs 34% more up front and 19% more over 12 months than it did just three quarters ago

New NVIDIA Volta GPUs on IBM Cloud

IBM and NVIDIA are teaming up to bring the latest NVIDIA Tesla V100 Volta generation GPUs to the IBM cloud and POWER9 on-premise solutions for deep learning / AI teams

NVIDIA GPU in a AMD EPYC Server Tips for Tensorflow and...

We install an NVIDIA GeForce GTX series GPU in a Supermicro AMD EPYC system and investigate whether pinning Tensorflow and Zcash mining containers to specific NUMA nodes has an impact on performance.

Ethereal Capital 16x GPU Mining System P106-100-X16 Preview

We preview the Ethereal Capital 16x GPU Mining System P106-100-X16 with 16x NVIDIA P106-100 6GB GPUs, a Supermicro embedded motherboard, and awesome remote management capabilities

NVIDIA Titan V Extracting Value from Deep Learning Enhancements

With the new NVIDIA Titan V, the company is extracting value from its deep learning silicon enhancements including the new Volta Tensor Cores

Microsoft adds NVIDIA Tesla V100 Volta Support in Azure

The cloud wars are heating up for high-dollar GPU compute instances. When the Amazon AWS EC2 P3 instances came out a few weeks ago...

Dell EMC Reaching into Deep Learning and AI

At SC17 Dell EMC briefed us on their plans to leverage HPC know-how and cross-vertical insights to bring deep learning and AI solutions to their customers

NVIDIA GPU Cloud is one important step in democratizing deep learning

At SC17 NVIDIA GPU Cloud showed how it is one important step in democratizing deep learning and HPC applications. NVIDIA also showed off Tesla V100 hardware

Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 Launched 1U 4x GPU with NVLINK

Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 Launched 1U 4x GPU with NVLINK and support for NVIDIA Tesla P100 and V100 "Volta" GPUs for AI and deep learning

NVIDIA DGX Station Upgraded to Tesla V100

The NVIDIA DGX Station originally launched with the Pascal-based Tesla P100 has been upgraded to the new generation NVIDIA Volta V100 generation parts

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Xilinx Project Everest Title

Xilinx Project Everest and ACAP Strategy at 7nm

Xilinx recently held a discussion with Victor Peng, the new CEO of Xilinx. A major thrust of the conversation the company's data center first...
Intel Xeon Silver 4114 Chip

Intel Circles Back on Meltdown and Spectre Initial Fixes Pushed

Intel says it has patched Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell and Skylake server architectures with next-gen hardware having hardware mitigations
Gigabyte Server H261 H60 Front

Gigabyte Server Launches 3 New Density Optimized Solutions

Gigabyte Server has three new density optimized solutions including two new 2U 4-node dual Intel Xeon Scalable servers and a 2U 2-node GPU compute server