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AWS Graviton2 64 vCPU Arm CPU Heightens War of Intel Betrayal

By announcing the AWS Graviton2 64 core Arm CPU, the company is signaling that it is aiming for mainstream Intel Xeon betraying a cloud building partnership

Dell Precision T7920 Dual Intel Xeon Workstation Review

Our Dell Precision T7920 review shows how this dual Intel Xeon Platinum and NVIDIA Quadro RTX workstation performs and the flexibility it provides

Intel Xeon E-2274G Benchmarks and Review

Our Intel Xeon E-2274G benchmarks and review piece shows how this chip stacks up to its competition as perhaps the best quad-core server part on the market

Supermicro AMD EPYC GPU Server and Intel Nervana NNP-T Training Server...

At SC19 Supermicro showed off two 4U accelerator systems. Supermicro showed off the AMD EPYC 7002 8x GPU server and a 8x Intel Nervana NNP-T server
QCT QuantaGrid D52G 4U Rear Angle With QCT E3S10

QCT QuantaGrid D52G-4U with E3S10 Intel Stratix 10 Plus Xeon E3...

At SC19, we saw the QCT QuantaGrid DG52-4U GPU and accelerator server and a custom-designed E3S10 FPGA with Xeon E3-1500 V5 accelerator card

Intel SSD 665p Series with New 96-layer QLC NAND Debut

Intel SSD 665p series with the company's new 96-layer QLC NAND debut with higher endurance as well as higher performance in the segment

Intel Core i9-10980XE Review 18 Cores of Pure Intel

Our Intel Core i9-10980XE review shows how this 18-core CPU compares to contemporary Intel and AMD competition given its excellent performance and pricing

Analysis of Our Q4 2019 HEDT Processor Reviews

With William and John doing both review pieces, I wanted to convey a thank you to them, while also giving a higher-level view of today's HEDT CPU launches

Intel Data Streaming Accelerator DSA Launched

The new Intel Data Streaming Accelerator, or Intel DSA, is designed to offload memory operations from the CPU for servers in the future

Top500 November 2019 Our New Systems Analysis

Our November 2019 Top500 new supercomputer systems analysis shows trends in the lists makeup and more diversification than the June 2019 edition