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Counterfeit Intel Xeon E5 CPUs Invade Amazon

We look at reports of counterfeit Intel Xeon E5 CPUs being remarked and sold in a potentially dangerous practice for unknowing buyers

Inspur Systems NF5280M5 Review 2U Intel Xeon Scalable Server

Our Inspur Systems NF5280M5 shows how this versatile 2U platform is able to handle diverse workloads from hyper-converged nodes to AI inferencing servers
Intel FPGA PAC D5005 On HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10

Intel FPGA PAC D5005 High-end Drop-in Accelerator Launched

Packing a 2.8M logic element Stratix 10, the Intel FPGA PAC D5005 is a high-end FPGA in a common PCIe form factor with dual QSFP28 network ports
Intel Chief Executive Officer Bob Swan And Navin Shenoy, Intel E

Lenovo Signs HPC Pact with Intel for HPC and AI

Lenovo and Intel sign a HPC pact that will see the companies continue to collaborate on HPC and AI infrastructure using Intel technologies and Lenovo sales

Intel Xeon Gold 5218 Benchmarks and Review

Our Intel Xeon Gold 5218 benchmarks and review show how this chip brings forth significant value to the market increasing performance by over 35 percent

Intel Xeon Platinum 8253 Benchmarks and Review the Worst Platinum

In our Intel Xeon Platinum 8253 benchmarks and review we explain why this is perhaps the least competitive Intel Xeon Platinum 8200 SKU on the market

Intel Ice Lake Cores Released 10nm Generation is Here

New 10th Generation Intel Core processors are 10nm Ice Lake products that are shipping with the new Intel Sunny Cove microarchitecture coming soon to server

Intel Xeon Gold 5220 Benchmarks and Review

Our Intel Xeon Gold 5220 benchmarks and review show how Intel increased performance by over 30 percent in this generation at the same price point

Intel Xeon Gold 6240 Benchmarks and Review

In our Intel Xeon Gold 6240 benchmarks and review we show how this CPU stacks up against other Intel Xeon Gold CPUs and AMD EPYC parts.

Intel Xeon Gold 6230 Benchmarks and Review

Our Intel Xeon Gold 6230 benchmarks and review show why this part saw an absolutely massive increase in performance over the previous generation