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Intel Ponte Vecchio Liquid Cooled OAM Package at Innovation 2022

At Intel Innovation 2022, we saw the Intel Ponte Vecchio package and even got to hold the liquid cooled OAM module

Intel Arc A770 with a Special Twist at Innovation 2022

At Intel Innovation 2022, we saw the Intel Arc A770 with a fun backstory while Intel confirmed it will not restrict Arc in the data center

New QNAP TVS-hx74 Intel Alder Lake ZFS 2.5GbE NAS Units

The new QNAP TVS-hx74 NAS series uses Intel Alder Lake CPUs and has both ZFS and 2.5GbE networking support built-in

A Tour of the QCT Intel Sapphire Rapids System Overload Booth

At Intel Innovation 2022, QCT had a booth overflowing with Sapphire Rapids servers. We take you for a quick tour of future server systems

This Intel Silicon Photonics Connector is a HUGE Deal

The Intel Silicon Photonics Connector shown at Intel Innovation 2022 for co-packaged optics is a huge deal for the industry

Intel Innovation 2022 Keynote Day 1 Awesome Silicon Photonics Demo

We are at Intel Innovation 2022 and the day 1 keynote where Intel is showing off a number of new technologies

Lenovo Launches Intel Sapphire Rapids AMD EPYC Genoa and Chinese Arm...

Today Lenovo launched new Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids, AMD EPYC Genoa, and Arm servers ahead of those platform launches

QNAP TS-464 and TS-664 2.5GbE NAS Units Powered by Intel Celeron...

The QNAP TS-464 and TS-664 are the company's new 4-bay and 6-bay 2.5GbE NAS units with a twist. The CPUs for both could be the N5105 or N5095

Supermicro SYS-110D-16C-FRAN8TP Review 25GbE Intel Ice Lake D 1U Server

In our Supermicro SYS-110D-16C-FRAN8TP review, we see how this short-depth 1U platform with 25GbE and a 16-core Intel Ice Lake D performs
NVIDIA H100 Hopper FP8 Transformer Models Trained

Intel NVIDIA and Arm Team-up on a FP8 Format for AI

Intel, NVIDIA, and Arm team up on a common FP8 format for AI that the companies plan to submit in an open license-free format to the IEEE