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Unboxing the Intel Visual Compute Accelerator

We unbox the Intel Visual Compute Accelerator as part of our Cool Server Hardware Series to show a PCIe card with three Intel Xeon E3 servers onboard

New Intel Xeon E-2200 Embedded Series SKUs Launched

Five new Intel Xeon E-2200 embedded series CPUs are out ranging from four to eight cores and with naming conventions that do not match other Xeons

Intel Xeon Silver 4208 Benchmarks and Review

Our Intel Xeon Silver 4208 benchmarks and review show how Intel increased performance and value over the previous generation 8-core and 16 thread parts

Top500 June 2019 Our New Systems Analysis

We take the 94 new systems found on the June 2019 Top500 list and break down key technology segmentation in the population

Quad Intel Xeon Gold 6242 Benchmarks and Review

Our quad Intel Xeon Gold 6242 benchmarks and review shows how this high clock speed "Cascade Lake" generation configuration performs with four CPUs

Inside a Supermicro Intel Omni-Path 48x 100Gbps Switch

We have a quick tour of what is inside a Supermicro SSH-C48Q which is a 48-port 100Gbps Omni-Path switch that has been running in our lab

Intel Xeon Silver 4210 Benchmarks and Review

Our Intel Xeon Silver 4210 benchmarks and review show how Intel gave buyers in this segment a massive uplift in performance per dollar in this generation

Intel to Acquire Barefoot Networks for Ethernet Switch Silicon

Intel acquires Barefoot Networks for high-speed switch silicon designs setting up an interesting future combination with its silicon photonics products

AMD EPYC Rome NAMD and the Intel Xeon Response at Computex...

We discuss the lively exchange between AMD EPYC Rome 64 core benchmarks and the Intel Xeon response at Computex 2019 and help you decipher what it means

Intel Optane DC P4801X Review 100GB M.2 NVMe SSD Log Option

In our Intel Optane DC P4801X review, we show how this drive performs compared to other options as a ZFS ZIL or SLOG device or other write cache applications