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Intel Xeon D Ramp-up Shown at Architecture Day 2018

At Intel Architecture Day 2018, the company showed off a slide showing its platforms. These platforms included an uptick in FPGA boards as well as the Intel Xeon D series.

Intel Optane 905P 380GB M.2 NVMe SSD Review The Best

Our Intel Optane 905P 380GB M.2 NVMe SSD review shows why this is the best solution for write-heavy workloads in servers with an empty M.2 22110 slot.

Intel Foveros is Awesome Do Not Worry

We show why Intel Foveros is awesome as a new 3D chip stacking technology set to disrupt EMIB as the go-to multi-chip packaging option for Intel

Intel Sunny Cove Microarchitecture Details

At Intel Architecture Day 2018, we got fresh Intel Sunny Cove microarchitecture details which show why Intel is about to make a much larger jump in per clock performance than we have seen in many generations

NVIDIA MLPerf v0.5 Results Show DGX-2H Power

NVIDIA DGX-2H chassis chained together in a 32x system set along with clusters of DGX-1 and DGX-2 systems set six world record benchmarks on the initial set of MLPerf v0.5 results launched today

New Intel Core Strategy Outlined At Architecture Day 2018

At Intel Architecture Day 2018, we saw the new Intel Core Strategy aligned around both general purpose and special purpose compute improvements
2018 Architecture Day Cooper Lake Bfloat16

Intel Cooper Lake Xeon For Training Details from Architecture Day 2018

We have details around bfloat16 support and the new ISA for Intel Xeon CPUs in the Cooper Lake generation. By adding bfloat16, Intel helps to make more deep learning training on its CPUs possible without having to resort to using GPUs for training.

First Pictures of Intel Ice Lake Xeon Server Chips

From Intel Architecture Day 2018 we have new Intel Ice Lake Xeon server chips along with an updated roadmap with information about the Sunny Cove architecture that will underpin the new 10nm PCIe Gen4 server CPUs

Intel Xeon E-2146G Benchmarks and Review Our Top Pick

With six cores, an integrated GPU, and high clock speeds, we show why the Intel Xeon E-2146G is our top pick in our benchmark and review piece. We think this delivers the right feature set and value and is the CPU to get in the Xeon E-2100 range

Intel Xeon E-2136 Benchmarks and Review

In our Intel Xeon E-2136 review, we show why the lower priced chip is a great option through benchmarks but why, unlike previous versions, we do not think it is the best value in the Intel Xeon E-2100 series lineup