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Intel and Partners Discuss GPZ Variant 4 Speculative Store Bypass

Today Intel and industry partners disclosed a new vulnerability CVE-2018-3639, which is another side channel attack variant. This new CVE is being called "Variant 4", Speculative Store Buffer Bypass, or Speculative Store Bypass depending on who is discussing the vulnerability.

Intel Xeon D-2183IT Benchmarks and Review 16C SoC an AVX-512 Monster

We delve into the performance and power consumption in our Intel Xeon D-2183IT benchmarks and review and find a unique twist. AVX-512 performance is much higher than expected which may be a huge boost for applications like Tensorflow inferencing at the edge
Microsoft Brainwave Cloud

Microsoft Debuts Project Brainwave Access to Intel FPGAs for AI

New Microsoft Project Brainwave developer access program launched to bring the company's Intel FPGA powered cloud for AI to its customers

Intel and Packet Partner to Bring Optane to Developers

A new collaboration between Intel and Packet brings Intel Optane to developers free in order to optimize their workloads for storage class memory

Intel Xeon Gold 6138 Benchmarks and Review 20 Power Efficient Cores

Offering 20 cores and 40 threads our Intel Xeon Gold 6138 benchmarks and review show one of Intel Xeon Scalable series' most efficient CPUs balancing great performance with low power consumption

Intel Optane 905P Launched with Higher Capacities

Intel Optane 905P drives come in 480GB U.2 and 960GB PCIe AIC capacities, twice that of the Optane 900P generation which makes them suitable for another set of applications

New 256TB 1U Ruler NVMe SSD Supermicro SSG-136R-NR32JBF Offering

The new Supermicro SSG-136R-NR32JBF offering is a 1U JBOF that supports up to 12 directly attached hosts and Intel Ruler SSDs for capacities of 256TB today and up to 1PB of storage next year. The company also has a standard version for NVMeoF applications

Intel Xeon Gold 6136 Benchmarks and Review 12 High-Speed Cores

We share our Intel Xeon Gold 6136 benchmarks and review. These CPUs have 12 high-speed cores and extra cache which make them a nice balance of single and multi-threaded performance. We also have power consumption data from our testing

Another Atom Bomb Intel Atom E3800 Bay Trail VLI89 Bug

A year after cleaning up the Intel Atom C2000 series AVR54 bug, we have a fix for a similar issue in the Intel Atom E3800 series of Bay Trail SoCs. This one we will call VLI89, can cause systems to stop booting, and also required a silicon stepping revision

Supermicro X11SDV-16C-TP8F Review Network and 16C CPU Galore

Our Supermicro X11SDV-16C-TP8F review shows why this is an extremely versatile and powerful network and virtualization appliance for edge, on-prem, and customer-prem deployments. It features the Intel Xeon D-2183IT with 16 cores and up to 512GB of RAM