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New Intel Core i9 Platform Improvements and Dramatically Lower Costs

Four new Intel Core i9-10900 series SKUs are headlined by a $979 18-core Intel Core i9-10980XE and new platform features for workstations

Intel Stratix 10 with Optane DCPMM DDR4 and UPI Pictured

We found the Intel Stratix 10 FPGA development board with Optane DC Persistent Memory and a UPI connection in our trip to Korea

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Module Roadmap Shown

At its Memory and Storage Day 2019 in Seoul, Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Module "Barlow Pass" generation on 2nd gen Optane media was discussed

Intel Optane DCPMM Coming to Workstations

Intel Optane DCPMM support is coming to Windows 10 workstations via Core i9 and Intel Xeon CPUs for faster storage and more memory capacity

Next-generation Intel QLC NAND Increases Capacity and Performance

Next-generation Intel QLC NAND will increase capacity and performance. We saw the next-gen 96-layer QLC Intel 665p SSD running alongside the current 660p

Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 Review of an Intel Xeon E Tower Server

Our Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 review shows why this flexible and low power tower server is a great fit for the SMB segment and remote branch offices

Intel Stratix 10 Adds UPI and PCIe Gen4 Readying for CXL

The Intel Stratix 10 adds UPI for cache coherent connectivity with Xeon CPUs along with PCIe Gen4. Intel also hints at an Agilex with CLX and PCIe Gen5

Oracle Exadata X8M Platform with Intel Optane for Fastest Databases

STH saw the new Oracle Exadata X8M solution at Oracle OpenWorld 2019 equipped with Intel Xeon CPUs and Optane DCPMMs and 100GbE RoCE

Lenovo ThinkStation P920 Rack Workstation Server Hybrid Announced

The Lenovo ThinkStation P920 is a hybrid rackmount workstation server designed to bring workstation features and data center manageability together

HP ZBook 14u G6 Mobile Workstation Review

Our HP ZBook 14u G6 mobile workstation review looks at what a low power Intel and AMD powered notebook can do in this segment