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Foreshadow Flaw Targets Intel SGX and Virtual Machines

The Intel Foreshadow flaw in L1TF execution targets Intel SGX and virtual machines and is especially concerning for public cloud and enterprise virtualization cluster providers

Intel D3-S4610 SATA Mixed Use SATA SSD Launched up to 3.84TB

With up to 3.84TB of capacity, the newly launched Intel D3-S4610 SATA III 6.0gbps mixed-use SSDs are chasing a higher endurance and performance SATA flash tier

Intel Data-Centric Innovation Summit Cascade Lake Optane and More

We are in Santa Clara, California at the Intel Data-Centric Innovation Summit where Intel is showing off its next-generation Intel Xeon Cascade Lake generation with Optane Persistent Memory, new FPGA innovations and other technology

Intel D3-S4510 240GB to 3.84TB SATA SSDs for Value Segments

The new Intel D3-S4510 has capacities ranging from 240GB to 3.84TB. These 3D NAND TLC SATA SSDs are targeted at the value SATA III markets

Intel SSD D5-P4320 Data Center 7.68TB QLC SSD

The Intel SSD D5-P4320 is the first data center NVMe SSD announced using Intel's new QLC technology. Storing more bits per cell means that the Intel D5-P4320 has a capacity of 7.68TB and a relatively low price point

Intel Revamps Data Center SSD Naming Conventions

New Intel data center SSD naming conventions are here starting with all drives released after June 2018. Intel has a new hierarchy with Optane still atop.
10x NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI FE Plus Mellanox Top

How Intel Xeon Changes Impacted Single Root Deep Learning Servers

We show how changes in the Intel Xeon Scalable (Skylake-SP and Cascade Lake) PCIe complexes impacted the ability of the industry to provide single root deep learning and AI servers for the key industry segment

Intel Xeon Gold 5120 Benchmarks and Review New Level of Redundancy

In our Intel Xeon Gold 5120 benchmarks and review we show why the chip achieves a new level of redundancy within the Skylake-SP SKU stack

Intel and Micron End Joint 3D XPoint Development May be Good...

We discuss how Intel and Micron announcing the imminent suspension of joint development for 3D XPoint may be good for AMD, IBM, Marvell, and others.

Expect 8-Core LGA 1151 Intel Xeon E Server SKUs Soon

By Q4 2018 we expect 8-core Intel Xeon E server SKUs to launch bringing twice the core count to LGA 1151 servers and workstations launched for the Intel Xeon E-2100 series