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Kioxia CM6 Review PCIe Gen4 SSDs for the Data Center

In our Kioxia CM6 review we see how much performance this PCIe Gen4 enterprise datacenter SSD has to offer and the impact of this performance and technology

Kioxia EDSFF SSD adding Momentum with New Development

The newly announced Kioxia EDSFF development SSD is adding even more momentum to the next-generation SSD and accelerator standard

Kioxia PM6 SAS4 SSDs Usher in a 24G SAS Generation

Kioxia PM6 SSDs bring a new performance generation of SSDs to the upcoming 24G SAS4 infrastructure for those who are reluctant to move to NVMe SSDs

Kioxia Software-Enabled Flash or SEF

Kioxia SEF or Software-Enabled Flash is designed to help give hyper-scalers the abstraction they need to manage huge flash pools and lower costs

Kioxia CD6 and CM6 PCIe Gen4 SSDs Hit 6-7GBps Read Speeds...

Kioxia CD6 and CM6 SSDs bring PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs to general availability reaching up to 6-7GB/s reads and 1M-1.4M 4K random read IOPS per drive

Kioxia RM5 Review Where Value SAS Makes Sense

In our Kioxia RM5 review, we see where value SAS can provide a benefit over SATA SSDs in servers from vendors such as Dell EMC and HPE

How to Pronounce Kioxia

After two visits to the Kioxia US office, we have a trick to remember how to say Kioxia, the new name of Toshiba Memory and a video to help out

Toshiba Memory is Dead Long Live Kioxia Holdings

Toshiba Memory Corporation is now called Kioxia Holdings starting the long path to building brand recognition in the market for SSDs

Toshiba Aggressively Pushes PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs

The Toshiba CM6 and CD6 were shown off at Flash Memory Summit 2019 and they are notable in that they are the first server PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs

Kioxia is the New Name for Toshiba Memory

Toshiba Memory is rebranding as Kioxia next quarter. Make sure you and your customers are ready for the name change of an industry stalwart