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New Set With Gigabyte R183 Z95 3
New Set With Gigabyte R183 Z95 3

Today marks the first time we have something new on the YouTube side in some time. We have a video done completely on the new set. The first video is one for theĀ Gigabyte R183-Z95 review. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point.

New Video New Set: Gigabyte R183-Z95

Here is the new video of the Gigabyte R183-Z95 AMD EPYC server with Kioxia E1.S EDSFF drive bays:

As always feel free to open the video in its own tab or browser for a better viewing experience.

The new set features a massive workbench that, admittedly, we are trying not to scratch either when we have shot some short segments there recently or when we have servers on there.

New Set With Gigabyte R183 Z95 1
New Set With Gigabyte R183 Z95 1

It is around 3ft or 0.91m deep, which is something I have wanted for some time to better show off things on set.

New Set With Gigabyte R183 Z95 2
New Set With Gigabyte R183 Z95 2

In the background, we have a single OLED TV. That part of the set needs to get re-done soon.

This has been, by far, the most time-consuming set to get set up. STH YouTube, from Q2 2020 (it really started in Q1 2020) has been done with shotgun microphones and stationary unless we were on site, such as in our recent stadium tour video:

Just to give you some sense, we have gone through 11 different lav microphones at this point to get something that is remotely close on the new larger set. There is still a debate on if we should be using the DPA 4060/ 4061 or the 4070/ 4071. Lighting and sound treatment still need work, but just the two front lights have gone through eight different mounting/ trusting options at this point.

New Set Start
New Set Start

For those wondering, the new set is not sponsored by Husky, but that is where the tool chests and workbenches all came from.

Final Words

There is still a lot more coming. For example, if you see the photo above and then the set on camera, there is extra width there. In the future, we are going to show off more of the sides with some cool features as well.

Given how easy it has been to replicate the sitting setups, I thought the new set would take maybe a day to get usable. It was more like a full week with more than one person to get it somewhat sorted to become usable. Hopefully, we can get this one done and move out to the next set and then use 3-4 per video to keep things moving.

There is still a ton of work to do, especially on the audio side. At least this feels like progress.


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