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Gigabyte N5105I H Intel Celeron N5105 mITX Motherboard Launched

The Gigabyte N5105I H is a low-power Intel Celeron N5105 powered mITX motherboard that offers Jasper Lake in a more traditional form factor
Gigabyte G492 PD0 Cover

Gigabyte G492-PD0 is the Ampere Altra Max Arm NVIDIA A100 Server

The new Gigabyte G492-PD0 combines an Ampere Altra Max Arm server CPU with the 8x GPU NVIDIA HGX A100 platform for a unique AI server design

How Liquid Cooling is Prototyped and Tested in the CoolIT Liquid...

We tour the CoolIT Liquid Lab and see how liquid cooling systems are prototyped and tested to ensure reliable operation in the field

Gigabyte MZ32-AR0 AMD EPYC 7003 Motherboard Review

In our Gigabyte MZ32-AR0 review, we see how this flexible motherboard can be adapted to a number of different scenarios

How Liquid Cooling Servers Works with Gigabyte and CoolIT

We show how we can cool over 20,000 AMD EPYC 7003 cores in Gigabyte H262-ZL0 servers with a garden hose using a CoolIT CDU and liquid cooling

Gigabyte X570 I AORUS PRO WiFi mITX AMD Ryzen AM4 Motherboard...

We take a look at the Gigabyte X570 I AORUS PRO WiFi motherboard. This is a compact mITX AMD Ryzen AM4 platform we have been using in the lab

Wild Hardware of OCP Summit 2021 Speed Run

We take a look at the wild hardware of OCP Summit 2021 including a 128TB SSD, 1024 core 2U, 350Tbps router, and much more

New Gigabyte AMD Ryzen Threadripper Workstations and 1U

Gigabyte has new workstations for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro and even a Threadripper 1U rackmount workstation

Gigabyte and CoolIT Partner on 280W TDP AMD EPYC 2U4N Servers

Gigabyte and CoolIT are collaborating on options for those wanting to run 280W TDP AMD EPYC 7003 CPUs in dense 2U 4-node (2U4N) configs

Gigabyte MX33-BS0 mATX Intel Xeon E-2300 Series Motherboard

The Gigabyte MX33-BS0 is a cost-optimized motherboard designed to fit the Intel Xeon E-2300 entry-level segmentation