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Five New Gigabyte AMD EPYC Servers Launched

As part of its product refresh cycle, there are five new dual processor Gigabyte AMD EPYC servers that have been launched with a variety of 1U and 2U form factors

Gigabyte MA10-ST0 Review A Unique 16C Atom C3958 Storage Platform

Our Gigabyte MA10-ST0 review finds a truly unique storage platform with a 16 core Intel Atom, eMMC boot media, 16x SATA III ports, and dual 10GbE / 1GbE ports. This is a perfect NAS building block

Gigabyte G190-G30 Server and Other GPU Solutions at NVIDIA GTC 2018

The Gigabyte G190-G30 server was shown off at GTC 2018 supporting up to four NVIDIA Tesla V100 and Tesla P100 GPUs with NVLink in a 1U chassis

Gigabyte ThunderXStation using Cavium ThunderX2 Launched

The Gigabyte ThunderXStation uses up to two Cavium ThunderX2 32 core 128 thread CPUs with up to 8x DDR4 RDIMMs per CPU to speed development in a deskside 4U tower workstation format

Gigabyte Server Launches 3 New Density Optimized Solutions

Gigabyte Server has three new density optimized solutions including two new 2U 4-node dual Intel Xeon Scalable servers and a 2U 2-node GPU compute server

Gigabyte MB51-PS0 Intel Xeon D-2100 Series Launch Platform

Armed with a 16 core Intel Xeon D-2183IT CPU, the Gigabyte MB51-PS0 is an ATX platform that exposes an absolute maximum of the Intel Xeon D-2100 series functionality

Cavium ThunderX2 Servers from Gigabyte and Ingrasys Shipping

Production Cavium ThunderX2 servers from Gigabyte and Ingrasys are now shipping and are being shown off extensively at the SC17 conference in Denver, CO

Gigabyte X399 Designare EX Premium Threadripper Motherboard Review

Our review of the Gigabyte X399 Designare EX premium AMD Threadripper motherboard which has some great features and a sleek industrial design

AMD EPYC 7251 Linux Benchmarks and Review the Entry EPYC

Our AMD EPYC 7251 Linux Benchmarks and review of the entry EPYC that will get many buyers interested in the new AMD platform

Testing the Gigabyte MA10-ST0 with pfSense 2.4-Release and FreeNAS 11.0-U4

We testing the Gigabyte MA10-ST0 with pfSense 2.4-Release, FreeNAS 11.0-U4, and Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and CentOS for compatibility