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A New Tyan Dual Intel Xeon Ice Lake Platform Launched

The Tyan Thunder CX GC68A-B7126 is a dual-socket 1U platform for cost-optimized deployments looking to utilize Intel Xeon Ice Lake CPUs

Tyan 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Ice Lake Servers Launched

New Tyan 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Ice Lake servers bring PCIe Gen4 to Tyan's Intel Xeon customer base

Voracious Low-End Consolidation Tyan Transport CX GC68B8036-LE Review

In our Tyan Transport CX GC68B8036-LE review, we see how this AMD EPYC 7003 server offers voracious consolidation of dual Intel Xeon nodes

Tyan Adds AMD EPYC 7003 Support

Tyan adds AMD EPYC 7003 support to its portfolio bringing new processors to much of its existing AMD EPYC lineup

Tyan Transport SX TS65-B8253 2U AMD EPYC Storage Server Review

Overall, the Tyan Transport SX TS65-B8253 is an interesting 2U 12-bay storage platform that leverages the unique capabilities of AMD EPYC CPUs and their PCIe Gen4 support.

Tyan Thunder SX GT90-B7113 1U 12x HDD 4x NVMe SSD Server

In our Tyan Thunder SX GT90 B7113 review we see how Tyan designed a purpose-built 1U 12x HDD and 4x NVMe SSD scale-out storage server

Tyan Transport HX TS75-B8252 Review Dual AMD EPYC PCIe Gen4

In our Tyan Transport HX TS75-B8252 review, we see what this dual AMD EPYC 7002 PCIe Gen4 server offers including running up to 240W cTDP CPUs

AMD PSB Vendor Locks EPYC CPUs for Enhanced Security at a...

In this article, we discuss AMD PSB or Platform Secure Boot where AMD EPYC CPUs are vendor locked to server OEMs. Great for security. Bad for 2nd hand use

Tyan MegaRAC SP-X Web Management Interface Overview

In our Tyan MegaRAC SP-X overview video we show what the web management interface looks like and show some of the features that it offers

A Quick Story Behind the 725 Day Uptime AMD EPYC 7601...

We share the quick story behind our 725-day uptime AMD EPYC 7601 server that we used to prove the stability of the EPYC platform for ourselves