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Dell EMC PowerSwitch Line is Not Using Intel Xeon Platinum

We look into a reader inquiry about the Dell PowerSwitch line using "Intel Xeon Platinum Inside" markings and find they are not

Deep Dive into Lowering Server Power Consumption

We deep-dive into server power consumption and look at 1U v. 2U, power supply efficiency, and using accelerators

Dell OptiPlex 7090 Micro Review Slightly Updated Iteration

We take a look at the Dell OptiPlex 7090 Micro, the company's top-end 1L corporate desktop PC, and get into some TinyMiniMicro comparisons

Dell EMC S5248F-ON Review 25GbE to 200GbE Switch Ports

In our Dell EMC S5248F-ON review, we see how this switch provides 48x 25GbE ports and both 100G/ 200G ports for uplinks

A Quick Follow-up to Our Megatrands Supply Chain Experiment

As part of a recent piece, we ran a quick experiment to see just how hard it is to spot small errors. 17 of 100,000 found our Easter Egg

Dude this should NOT be in a Dell Switch… or HPE...

We go into why an entire line of high-end Dell switches and possibly even a HPE Cray military supercomputer have misspelled stickers

Dell Precision 3930 Review a 1U Rackmount Workstation

We take a look at the Dell Precision 3930 rackmount workstation to see how Dell fits a Xeon CPU, NVIDIA GPU, and 10GbE into a 1U chassis

Top500 November 2021 Our New Systems Analysis Lenovo Wins Big

We dive into the new systems from the Top500 November 2021 list and find some very cool trends that vendors do not like to share

Dell S5296F-ON Review 96x 25GbE and 8x 100GbE Switch

We take a look at a 96-port 25GbE plus 8-port 100GbE Dell S5296F-ON switch to see what this 2U Broadcom-based open network switch offers

Dell EMC Edge Gateway 5200 IoT Box Released

The Dell EMC Edge Gateway 5200 is designed to be the company's go-to passively cooled edge solution with a major generational upgrade