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Inspur MetaEngine

Inspur MetaEngine for NVIDIA OVX

The Inspur MetaEngine is the company's NVIDIA OVX platform. We had a chance to talk to Inspur about why its customers are deploying it

Inspur NF5180M6 Review 1U Mainstream Dual Intel Xeon Server

In our Inspur NF5180M6 review, we look at this mainstream 1U dual Xeon server platform. We also discuss 1U v. 2U options we have tested

Deep Dive into Lowering Server Power Consumption

We deep-dive into server power consumption and look at 1U v. 2U, power supply efficiency, and using accelerators

Inspur NF5280M6 2U Intel Xeon Server Review

In our Inspur NF5280M6 review, we explore this 2U Intel Xeon server platform and see some of the great features found in the server's design
Shawn Wu And Paresh Kharya

Talking MLPerf Training V1.1 with Inspur and NVIDIA

We discuss MLPerf Training V1.1 with Inspur and NVIDIA and get some insights into the 2021 training trends and a glimpse into 2022

Intel Teams with Inspur and Ruijie for FPGA-based IPU Solutions

Intel, Inspur, Ruijie Networks, and Silicom team to bring the Oak Springs Canyon Agilex FPGA and Xeon D IPU to market

Wild Hardware of OCP Summit 2021 Speed Run

We take a look at the wild hardware of OCP Summit 2021 including a 128TB SSD, 1024 core 2U, 350Tbps router, and much more

Talking OCP and its First 10 Years with Alan Chang and...

We discuss OCP in its first 10 years and where it is going with Alan Chang of Inspur and Vladimir Galabov of Omida
Inspur NF5488A5 GPU Tray Coming Out

Inspur MLPerf Training v1.0 Insights

We get a chance to chat with Inspur about its MLPerf Training v1.0 results and some of the trends happening in the industry
Inspur NF5488A5 NVIDIA HGX A100 8 GPU Assembly Cover Image Big

Inspur NF5488A5 8x NVIDIA A100 HGX Platform Review

In our Inspur NF5488A5 review, we see what this AMD EPYC powered 8x NVIDIA A100 Delta platform offers as a big upgrade to the previous-gen