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Inspur i24 Review a 2U4N Server Platform for Scale

In our Inspur i24 review, we see what the 2U 4-Node (2U4N) platform has to offer by combining increased density with power and cooling savings at scale

Top500 June 2020 Our New Systems Analysis

We extract the new systems from the June 2020 Top500 supercomputers list to see trends. We saw only 58 new systems down from the 94-102 we saw previously

New Inspur NF8260M6 and NF8480M6 4P Intel Xeon Servers

The Inspur NF8260M6 and NF8480M6 provide 2U and 4U server solutions based on the new 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors codenamed "Cooper Lake"

IDC 1Q20 Server Tracker Inspur Lenovo and Supermicro Move

We see some big moves in a contracting server market with the IDC 1Q20 quarterly server tracker. We break down some of what is driving ASP trends

Discussing Next-Gen OCP NVMeoF Solution with Inspur

We discuss the next-gen OCP NVMeoF solution based on an Inspur NF5180M6 server that provides ES.1 PCIe Gen4 connectivity for future Xeons

Inspur NF5488M5 Review A Unique 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 Server

The Inspur NF5488M5 utilizes 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM3 modules and employs a NVSwitch based NVLink fabric to provide a top-end 8x GPU solution in this generation

IDC 4Q19 Quarterly Server Tracker Dell Sinks Inspur and Lenovo Surge

We do some server ASP analysis and see clear trends with Dell losing ground to HPE. Lenovo pumps volume by tanking ASP. Inspur grows across the board
Alan And Patrick At SC19

Inspur Evaporative Cooling Solution and Other SC19 Highlights

We take a look at the Inspur Evaporative Cooling Solution as a highlight of its SC19 booth along with Intel Nervana NNP-T solutions and Inspur Power Systems

IDC 3Q19 Quarterly Server Tracker Shipments Slow Inspur Grows Again

We discuss the IDC 3Q19 Quarterly Server Tracker numbers and show how Dell and HPE are leading with Inspur still rising quickly

Inspur NF5180M5 Flexible 1U Server Review

In our Inspur NF5180M5 review, we see what makes this 1U server so versatile that it has become a higher-volume seller in the US and EMEA markets
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