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IDC 1Q19 Quarterly Server Tracker Dell EMC Top and Inspur Grows

IDC 1Q19 Quarterly Server Tracker is out. Revenues were up for the industry on lower unit shipments although individual results varied greatly

Visiting the Inspur Intelligent Factory Where Robots Make Cloud Servers

We visit the Inspur Intelligent Factory in Jinan, China to see how Inspur is using robots to build servers for the hyperscale service providers
Patrick And Lillian Wang Inspur

An Interview with Lillian Wang SVP and GM of Inspur CSP...

Our interview with Lillian Wang, SVP and GM of Inspur's Cloud Service Provider (CSP) business on how Inspur differentiates its JDM model to grow rapidly

Inspur Partner Forum 2019 Our Recap from IPF 2019

We travel to Shanghai China for the Inspur Partner Forum 2019 and give our recap of the IPF 2019 event and some of the key announcements

Inspur Systems NF8260M5 4P Intel Xeon OCP Server Review

In our Inspur Systems NF8260M5 review, we show how this 4-socket server contributed by Inspur and Intel to OCP performs in our testing

Inspur Compute and GPU Servers at OCP Summit and GTC 2019

We cover the highlights of the new platforms launched by Inspur at OCP Summit 2019 and NVIDIA GTC 2019 including a 4-socket 32x GPU solution
Inspur Systems NF5468M5 Power Cables

Inspur Systems NF5468M5 Review 4U 8x GPU Server

Our Inspur Systems NF5468M5 review shows how this 4U 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB server compares to other offerings on the market and performs

Inspur Systems Web Server Management Interface

We take a tour of the Inspur Systems web GUI server management interface to see how it compares to other offerings currently in the market

How fast do you deploy? Hyperscalers deploy servers in under 3...

How fast do you deploy servers? Hyperscalers deploy nodes in under 3 seconds per a recent Baidu and Inspur Systems blog post on a 10,000 server installation
Jun Liu VP GM Inspur

Interview with Liu Jun, AVP and GM of AI and HPC...

Our interview with Liu Jun, AVP and GM of AI and HPC for Inspur. Inspur is the largest AI and HPC systems vendors in China and for major cloud providers