11 Major Changes for Servers in 2022 Video

11 Major Changes To Servers In 2022 YT Web Cover
11 Major Changes To Servers In 2022 YT Web Cover

Normally we do pieces that go live a the same time. This is one that the current transition frankly caused a lot of disruption on and so as a follow-up to our Planning for Servers in 2022 and Beyond Series we had some reader feedback that we should have a video for the small STH YouTube audience.

11 Major Changes for Servers in 2022 Video

Although we thought we might be able to get it up earlier, instead, we have the video version here launching in a not-great mid-weekend timeslot.

As always we suggest opening this in a dedicated YouTube Tab or window for a better viewing experience.

We normally do not release a video-only version of our content as we try to have both web and video versions of anything we produce. The only real net-new piece of the video and the web version release is that we gave the changes numbers from 1 to 11. There is also a bit more commentary than we had in the piece yesterday.

Final Words

The great STH 2021 move is in full swing now as we are starting to get components into the new facilities. What has arrived is mostly in boxes. Some of those boxes have yet to make an appearance. We probably have one more week of being slow before things start to hit a more normal cadence.

Again, apologies to our readers, we may have published an article and video about 11 major changes to servers in 2021, but we are in a period where disruption is at an 11 on a 10 point scale.

Still, these are very important topics and I wanted to ensure our readers had both web and video versions that they can use and send to colleagues. Often organizations use Q3 to start planning exercises for the next year and beyond. Waiting 2-3 weeks to do a video would not help with those conversations as would doing a “top 11 changes” piece in December. By then, it is too late to make facility and operating model changes for the next year.


  1. I’m confused where U.3 fits in if the market will be coalescing around EDSFF. Is U.3 going to die or be exclusively for workstations and SSD/HDD mixed chasses? That doesn’t seem like a big market. Was it the wrong interface at the wrong time or does it indeed have a future that I’m not seeing?

  2. U.3 was always a stop-gap until EDSFF and really pushed by those companies that had a vested interest in keeping SAS HDD/ SSD/ shelf sales active (e.g. Broadcom and others that sponsored much of the content pushing U.3)


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