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Next-Gen Intel Cascade Lake 28C Supporting 3.84TB Memory

We piece together Intel Cascade Lake information and find that the next generation of Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs should be able to support more than twice the amount of memory as this generation with at least 3.84TB per socket with Intel Optane Persistent Memory

Intel Optane 905P 380GB M.2 Teased is the Optane You Wanted

Intel Optane 905P 380GB M.2 SSDs is teased during Computex 2018. We are finally getting an M.2 PCIe x4 iteration of Optane and expect it to be released at consumer level pricing.

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Sampling Today Revenue Delivery 2018

At the Intel tech day the company announced that Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory is sampling today with revenue delivery in 2018. This is going to be one of the biggest stories of the next 24 months

Intel and Packet Partner to Bring Optane to Developers

A new collaboration between Intel and Packet brings Intel Optane to developers free in order to optimize their workloads for storage class memory

Intel Optane 905P Launched with Higher Capacities

Intel Optane 905P drives come in 480GB U.2 and 960GB PCIe AIC capacities, twice that of the Optane 900P generation which makes them suitable for another set of applications

New Intel Data Center Optane m.2 at OCP Summit 2018

We found a new Intel Data Center Optane m.2 at OCP Summit 2018, perhaps this will be an Intel DC P4801X or P4601X when it is publicly launched

Intel Optane 800P 58GB and 118GB M.2 SSD Modules Released

Intel Optane 800P 58GB and 118GB SSD modules are out focusing on delivering high-performance storage to the sub $200 M.2 storage form factor market

Intel Optane A Practical Application Review

We replaced NAND based NVMe drives with Intel Optane drives in the STH hosting cluster for a day and saw some dramatic performance differences

Intel Optane 900p 960GB and 1.5TB AIC SSD Info Spotted

Intel just signaled that there are larger 960GB and 1.5TB Intel Optane 900p NVMe SSDs on the horizon in add-in card form factors

Exploring the Best ZFS ZIL SLOG SSD with Intel Optane and...

We use a new FreeBSD tool for simulating ZFS ZIL SLOG performance to test Intel Optane and NAND based SATA, SAS and PCIe NVMe SSD options