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Broadcom Stingray PS225-H16 Dual 25GbE DPU Photoshoot

We share a quick photo shoot with the Broadcom Stingray PS225-H16. This DPU line has been effectively retired, but we wanted to show the card

NVIDIA BlueField-3 400Gbps DPU Exposed

We found a NVIDIA BlueField-3 400Gbps DPU while checking out upcoming Supermicro servers at an undisclosed location

Marvell Octeon 10 Arm Neoverse N2 DPU in the Wild Rivaling...

We take a look at a Marvell Octeon 10 DPU platform to see what the top-end public DPU offers with Arm Neoverse N2, DDR, and PCIe Gen5

AWS Nitro v5 Ups the Cloud DPU Game Again

AWS Nitro v5 extends an already enormous lead in the DPU space with a new generation of card designed to deliver more speed and services

NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPU Breaks Cover at SC22

At SC22, we finally saw a NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPU break cover. These are allegedly in-production but have been very hard to find

Marvell Octeon 10 Gets Wild at OCP Summit 2022

We saw three different Marvell Octeon 10 DPU platforms at OCP Summit 2022 with up to 16x 50GbE ports, DDR5, PCIe Gen5 and more

Intel E2000 is the new Intel Mount Evans DPU IPU Brand

The Intel E2000 is the new brand name for its Mount Evans DPU IPUI that we hope to see deployed beyond Google Cloud next year

AIC J2024-04 2U 24x NVMe SSD JBOF Powered by NVIDIA BlueField...

At FMS 2022, we saw the AIC J2024-04, a 2U 24-bay NVMe JBOF with a twist. This chassis is powered by NVIDIA BlueField DPUs

MaxLinear Panther III is a Fake DPU at FMS 2022

The MaxLinear Panther III shown at FMS 2022 is clearly not a DPU even though the product shown was advertised as one.

AMD Pensando Giglio DPU for 2023 Salina DPU in 2024 and...

AMD Pensando has new DPUs on its roadmap. In 2023 we expect the AMD Pensando Giglio generation and in 2024 the 800G Salina generation