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A Look at the FS N9510-64D A 64x 400GbE Switch

We take a look at the 64-port 400GbE switch, the FS N9510-64D to see how it works and what it takes to get memory bandwidth networking

This is a Broadcom Tomahawk 4 64-port 400GbE Switch Chip

We take a look at the 64-port 400GbE Broadcom Tomahawk 4 switch chip and the LGA8371 socket it uses to show some fun networking hardware

NVIDIA ConnectX-7 400GbE and NDR Infiniband Adapter Review from PNY

We take a look at the NVIDIA ConnectX-7 400GbE and NDR Infiniband adapter to get wild performance from a low-profile PCIe Gen5 card

AMD Versal 400Gbps In-Line IPSec Demo

The AMD Versal Premium ACAP was used to demonstrate 400Gbps in-line IPSec acceleration in an OFC 2023 demo

Juniper Express 5 28.8Tbps Network Routing ASIC at HC34

Juniper Express 5 is a 28.8Tbps network routing ASIC that builds an entire scale-up and scale-out product family from two chiplets

AMD 400G Adaptive Exotic SmartNIC Architecture at HC34

The new AMD 400G Adaptive "Exotic" SmartNIC architecture was detailed at HC34 for the PCIe Gen5 and CXL 2.0 era

64x 800GbE Broadcom Tomahawk 5 51.2Tbps Switch Chip Released

The new Broadcom Tomahawk 5 is a 51.2Tbps switch chip that supports up to 64x 800GbE and new silicon photonics and co-packaged optics options

Cisco Nexus 9000 adds 400G and 800G Options

The new 400GbE Cisco Nexus 9800, Nexus 9400, and Nexus 9300 generation of switches are here with an eye for 800GbE in the near future

Massive 64x 400GbE Intel Tofino 3 Switch Chip at Vision 2022

The Intel Tofino 3 is an absolutely massive package designed for the 25.6T or 64x 400GbE generation of switches

11 Major Changes for Servers in 2022 Video

We have a video discussing the 11 major changes for servers in 2022 (and possibly 2023) so you can start planning today