Wild Hardware of OCP Summit 2021 Speed Run

OCP Summit 2021 Cover 1
OCP Summit 2021 Cover 1

At OCP Summit 2021, there was a lot to cover. This was one of the first in-person events in about a year and a half. As a result, my meeting schedule was absolutely packed. Still, I managed to get 30 minutes free. I picked up a camera and just ran through the coolest bits of hardware I saw at the show.

Wild Hardware of OCP Summit 2021 Speed Run

Here is the video that I made while at the event:

Some of the items like the Kioxia CD7, Samsung CXL Memory Expander, Microchip OMI memory controller, and even the Flex Bodega Bay Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids System we have already featured on STH. Others either were too small to cover and others still we will have pieces on in the next few weeks. We are very busy for the next two weeks, so there is a bit of a logjam in terms of covering things. Still, this was a way to quickly go through some of the wild hardware. Key highlights (with timestamps) in the video include:

  • 01:46 Broadcom Tri-Mode NVMe SATA SAS in OCP NIC 3.0
  • 02:39 350Tbps router using 400GbE links
  • 03:30 Edge-Core 400GbE Switch
  • 04:21 Mitac Short-Depth Telco Server with Big Caps
  • 05:59 OMI Memory Modules for IBM Power10
  • 07:42 Ampere Altra Servers from Inspur, Foxconn, and Supermicro
  • 09:47 A 1024 core 2U Platform from Gigabyte
  • 10:12 Meta Minipack 2, OAM, and Wedge 400
  • 11:20 Flex Bodega Bay Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids Platform
  • 12:03 Microsoft Immersion Cooling
  • 12:42 Sesame by IT Renew Discovery Edge OCP Tower
  • 14:03 Kioxia CD7 PCIe Gen5 SSD
  • 14:36 SK hynix HBM3 24GB Memory
  • 14:53 SMART Modular Optane DIMM solution for EPYC, Arm, and Power
  • 16:16 Submer robot servicing immersion cooling nodes
  • 17:37 Samsung 128TB NVMe SSD and CXL Memory

There is a lot there to the point that the 128TB SSD demo almost got left out.

Final Words

We went into a bit more than what is above so we probably recapped 20+ products, many that have never been seen before, in about 16 minutes of footage from my 30 minute window.

Although I still personally prefer reading STH articles rather than watching video, if folks like the concept of this show floor run, then it is something I may be able to find time to do at SC21 next week.



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