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Samsung PM1733 and PM1735 PCIe Gen4 SSDs

The Samsung PM1733 and PM1735 PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs are a distinctively first-generation PCIe Gen4 SSD effort from the company showcasing new technologies

Samsung PM1733 PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs for the PRE

Samsung PM1733 PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs and new 256GB DDR4 LRDIMMs are designed for the post-Rome era of AMD EPYC 7002 series systems

Samsung and SK.Hynix 256GB LRDIMMs for Your Server Are Here

Samsung and SK.Hynix were showing off their newest 256GB DDR4 LRDIMM server memory modules at OCP Summit 2019 and GTC 2019. AMD EPYC Rome to support 8TB

Samsung V-NAND 5th Generation In Mass Production

Samsung V-NAND 5th generation is now in mass production featuring over 90 layers, Toggle 4.0 speeds, and lower power consumption per bit than its predecessors

Quanta QCT Shows Samsung SZ985 Z-NAND Array and 4P Servers

We saw a 6.4TB Samsung SZ985 Z-NAND array in a GPU compute platform from Quanta QCT along with some of the new QCT QuantaGrid Q72D-2U 4-socket servers

Get Ready for More NAND SSD Price Increases Due to Samsung

A 30-minute power outage at a Samsung NAND fab is reported to have destroyed 3.5% of the world's March 2018 NAND supply. This will increase SSD prices in the near term.

Supermicro 36x NGSFF SSD server offers 576TB of NVMe Storage in...

Taking advantage of the new Samsung NGSFF SSD design, Supermicro has a 36 SSD 1U that can handle over a half petabyte of NVMe storage

Move Over M.2: 16TB M.3 SSDs for the 1PB per U...

Challenged by the M.2's client PC driven diminutive form factor, Samsung's new 16TB M.3 SSDs are set to enable 1PB per U in the data center

Project Kenko 01 Update – Samsung 750 EVO SSDs Wear Leveling...

We push our pair of sacrificial Samsung 750 EVOs SSDs to the point where the Wear Leveling Count SMART attribute is no longer moving in our endurance test

Project Kenko 01 Update: Samsung 750 EVOs pass 4TB written patterns...

In this endurance test update, we can see a clear wear leveling count divergence between the Samsung 750 EVO we have with 0GB and with 90GB static data