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The Most Important Server of 2022 The Gigabyte Ampere Altra Max...

We take a look at the Gigabyte G242-P32 NVIDIA A100 and Ampere Altra Max Arm HPC developer platform to see the most important server of 2022

Presenting a Gigabyte Ampere Altra Max Arm Server with NVIDIA A100...

At NVIDIA GTC 2022, Patrick has a talk showing the Gigabyte Ampere Altra Max Arm server with NVIDIA A100 GPUs. Check it out

Four New Gigabyte 2P Ampere Altra Servers Launched with up to...

Gigabyte has four new dual-socket Ampere Altra Max servers with up to 256 cores per node or 512 cores per U as it expands its line

Arm v. Qualcomm the Video

We have a video on the Arm lawsuit filed against Qualcomm around the IP at the heart of its Nuvia acquisition

Arm Sues Qualcomm over Nuvia IP Misappropriation and Trademark Infringement

Arm is suing Qualcomm over its continued use of Nuvia IP after Nuvia's Architecture License Agreement was terminated. This is huge.
NVIDIA Orin For 2022 Self Driving Cars

NVIDIA Orin Brings Arm and Ampere to the Edge at Hot...

At Hot Chips 34, we got a deeper-dive into NVIDIA Orin, the company's Arm CPU and Ampere GPU AI edge platform

New Gigabyte MP72-HB0 Ampere Altra Arm Motherboard and Two GPU Systems

The new Gigabyte MP72-HB0 is the first EATX dual socket Ampere Altra Arm server motherboard we are aware of

More Cores More Better AMD Arm and Intel Server CPUs in...

We discuss server CPUs in 2022-2023 from AMD, Arm, and Intel. We span the range from More Cores More Better to More Accelerators More Better

Google Cloud Adds Ampere Altra with new Tau T2A Instances

Google Cloud now has Ampere Altra based instances with the pre-GA Tau T2A series adding another vendor with Arm server support

Arm-based Alibaba Cloud T-Head Yitian 710 Crushes SPECrate2017_int_base

The Arm-based Alibaba Cloud T-Head Yitian 710 128 core DDR5 and PCIe Gen5 CPU submitted an official top 1P SPECrate2017_int_base score