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This is the Ampere AmpereOne Arm Processor Set to Power Cloud...

At Computex 2023, we saw the new Ampere AmpereOnce processor and snapped a few photos. These CPUs will power next-gen Arm cloud instances

ASRock Rack ALTRAD8U-1L2T is a mATX Motherboard for up to 128...

The ASRock Rack ALTRAD8U-1L2T is set to bring 128 Ampere Altra Max Arm cores to new places in this mATX form factor motherboard

AmpereOne with 192 Cores 128x PCIe Gen5 Lanes and DDR5 in...

Ampere AmpereOne is shipping to select customers with 192 custom Arm cores, PCIe Gen5, DDR5, Bfloat16 support for AI and more

NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Launched for $499

We have a quick look at the newly launched $499 NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit so you can see what is in the box

Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra Review the Ultra Small Workstation

In our Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra review, we see how Lenovo built a wildly expandable small box with high-end Intel and NVIDIA processors

NVIDIA A16 with 4x Ampere 16GB GPUs Onboard Quick Look

We take a look at the NVIDIA A16 GPU with 4x low power Ampere GPUs on a single PCIe card, each with 16GB of GDDR6

A 16x NVIDIA GPU 128 Core Arm Server Supermicro ARS-210M-NR with...

We review the Supermicro ARS-210M-NR with 16x NVIDIA Ampere 16GB GPUs and 128 Ampere Altra Max Arm cores designed for cloud deployments

Raspberry Pi Cluster Versus Ampere Altra Max Supermicro Arm Server

We compare a Raspberry Pi cluster versus a recent Supermicro Ampere Altra Max server we reviewed and talk Arm servers

Gigabyte has a 48 DIMM 2P AMD EPYC Genoa GPU Server...

At SC22, we saw a Gigabyte GPU server with 48x DDR5 DIMM slots. We also saw a STH video on display and an Ampere Altra Arm with NVIDIA server

Supermicro ARS-210ME-FNR 2U Edge Ampere Altra Max Arm Server Review

We review the Supermicro ARS-210ME-FNR. This is a 2U short-depth edge platform designed around the Ampere Altra Arm CPUs for something different.