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Gigabyte G492 PD0 Cover

Gigabyte G492-PD0 is the Ampere Altra Max Arm NVIDIA A100 Server

The new Gigabyte G492-PD0 combines an Ampere Altra Max Arm server CPU with the 8x GPU NVIDIA HGX A100 platform for a unique AI server design

Microsoft Azure Adds Ampere Altra Arm CPUs

Microsoft Azure joins Oracle Cloud and several Chinese hyper-scalers in adding Ampere Altra-based instances to its cloud
NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti Close

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti 24GB Launched

The new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti 24GB promises roughly 12% more performance as NVIDIA's new flagship prosumer GPU

NVIDIA RTX A5500 24GB ECC GPU Launched for Workstations

NVIDIA has a new 24GB ECC memory GPU for the professional workstation market. The NVIDIA RTX A5500 is new for GTC 2022

NVIDIA A40 48GB GPU Mini-Review

In our NVIDIA A40 48GB GPU mini-review, we take a look at this card (up to eight) and show some of its interesting features

NVIDIA A2000 12GB Launched A New Low-End Inference Alternative

The NVIDIA A2000 12GB is going to be a fascinating part for those who are looking for low-power inference performance

NVIDIA RTX A4500 20GB GPU for Professionals

The NVIDIA RTX A4500 20GB professional workstation GPU is out with NVLink and ECC memory supported in the 200W card

Wild Hardware of OCP Summit 2021 Speed Run

We take a look at the wild hardware of OCP Summit 2021 including a 128TB SSD, 1024 core 2U, 350Tbps router, and much more

NVIDIA A2 Low-Profile AI Inference Card Replaces the NVIDIA T4

The new NVIDIA A2 AI inference card replaces the NVIDIA T4 as the company's low-power and low-profile inferencing solution

Ampere Altra Max M128-30 128 Core Arm CPU In the Wild

The Ampere Altra Max M128-30 128 core Arm server CPU has been spotted in the wild, marking a major milestone for Ampere and Arm