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OCP NIC 3.0 Form Factors The Quick Guide

We discuss the OCP NIC 3.0 form factors in a quick guide for those that deploy servers and need to understand which version is being used

Microsoft Azure Adds Ampere Altra Arm CPUs

Microsoft Azure joins Oracle Cloud and several Chinese hyper-scalers in adding Ampere Altra-based instances to its cloud

HPE 25GbE NVIDIA ConnectX-4 OCP NIC 3.0 Adapter Review

We take a look at a HPE 25GbE OCP NIC 3.0 adapter based around the Mellanox now NVIDIA ConnectX-4 Lx to see how HPE implemented the standard

Wild Hardware of OCP Summit 2021 Speed Run

We take a look at the wild hardware of OCP Summit 2021 including a 128TB SSD, 1024 core 2U, 350Tbps router, and much more

AMD Instinct MI200 Adopts OAM and a 4.9x Speedup Over NVIDIA...

The AMD Instinct MI200 adopts the OAM form factor to power exascale systems with a huge (4.9x) performance boost

AMD’s CEO Teases the OAM Accelerator Era on Twitter

AMD's CEO teases the OAM accelerator era on Twitter ahead of next week's event. We break down what is being shown in the photo

Talking OCP and its First 10 Years with Alan Chang and...

We discuss OCP in its first 10 years and where it is going with Alan Chang of Inspur and Vladimir Galabov of Omida

Facebook Leveraging EDSFF E1.S 25mm in Yosemite V3

Facebook is leveraging EDSFF E1.S 25mm SSDs in its Yosemite V3 platform which allows it to cool higher capacities and SCM in the OCP chassis

New Intel Xeon Platinum 8321HC 26C 88W TDP 1P Xeon D...

We have details on the Intel Xeon Platinum 8321HC bringing 26 core Cooper Lake to a paltry 88W TDP for Facebook Yosemite V3 type deployment

OCP China Day 2020 Interview with Bill Carter and Shen Rong...

In our interview with Bill Carter, CTO of OCP, and Shen Rong GM of Inspur's server line we discuss OCP China Day 2020 and key trends