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New Intel Xeon Platinum 8321HC 26C 88W TDP 1P Xeon D...

We have details on the Intel Xeon Platinum 8321HC bringing 26 core Cooper Lake to a paltry 88W TDP for Facebook Yosemite V3 type deployment

OCP China Day 2020 Interview with Bill Carter and Shen Rong...

In our interview with Bill Carter, CTO of OCP, and Shen Rong GM of Inspur's server line we discuss OCP China Day 2020 and key trends

Intel X710-DA2 OCP NIC 3.0 Review 10GbE for the Form Factor

We take a look at the Intel X710-DA2 OCP NIC 3.0 which is a low-cost and low-power 10GbE NIC for the emerging form factor

Facebook Introduces Next-Gen Cooper Lake Intel Xeon Platforms

We take a look at new Facebook OCP servers with Sonora Pass, Yosemite V3, and Delta lake to see the impact of using the next-gen Cooper Lake Xeon CPUs

Supermicro MegaDC Bridges Traditional and Hyper-Scale

With an eye towards hyper-scale style deployments, the Supermciro MegaDC brings some OCP features such as OpenBMC and OCP NICs to traditional 19" racks

Interview with Alan Chang of Inspur on OCP Regional Summit 2019

Our interview with Alan Chang of Inspur on the company's bevy of announcements at the OCP Regional Summit 2019 in Amsterdam
OCP OAM UBB Breakaway

Inspur OAM UBB Sets New Accelerator Platform Standard

The Inspur Universal Baseboard (UBB) for the Open Accelerator Infrastructure / Modules is available to accelerate time to deployment for the industry

STH Interview with Bill Carter of OCP and John Hu of...

We interview Bill Carter CTO of OCP and John Hu CTO of Inspur about OCP China Day 2019 and how the global market for OCP is developing

Wiwynn EP100 Short Depth 3U5N Nokia OpenEDGE is Cool

The Wiwynn EP100 is a 17 inch deep 3U5N platform that counts Nokia OpenEDGE as one of its main development partners for 5G infrastructure

Inspur Compute and GPU Servers at OCP Summit and GTC 2019

We cover the highlights of the new platforms launched by Inspur at OCP Summit 2019 and NVIDIA GTC 2019 including a 4-socket 32x GPU solution