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Scalable IO Virtualization is Replacing SR-IOV

With larger and more complex systems handling more virtual machines and new hardware like CXL, Scalable IOV is set to replace SR-IOV
Facebook Meta Grand Teton 8x NVIDIA H100 Platform Cover

This is the Meta Grand Teton 8x NVIDIA H100 AI Machine

The Meta Grand Teton is the company's latest AI training platform with more network bandwidth, OCP NIC 3.0, EDSFF storage, and 8x NVIDIA H100

Wiwynn Shows an 8kW Accelerator Liquid Cooling Solution at OCP Summit...

At OCP Summit 2022, Wiwynn showed off an 8kW accelerator liquid cooling solution for next-generation accelerators coming soon

Broadcom Tomahawk 5 at OCP Summit 2022

The Broadcom Tomahawk 5 51.2Tbps switch for the 800GbE generation of networks was on full display at OCP Summit 2022

ASUS OCP Node Drive and Power Flexibility at OCP Summit 2022

At OCP Summit 2022, we saw a few of ASUS' OCP rack innovations around both storage and power flexibility that we wanted to show

Microsoft QCT Mt Shasta Platform for FPGA and ASIC Farms at...

Microsoft needed a higher power and hot swappable platform for ASICs and FPGAs so it tapped QCT and Molex for the OCP Mt Shasta platform

Flex DC-SCM OpenBMC at OCP Summit 2022

We saw the Flex DC-SCM implementing Redfish and OpenBMC at OCP Summit 2022 and the company showed the BMC running in next-generation servers

Microsoft Shows AMD Genoa 1P Server Powered by Hydra at OCP...

At OCP Summit 2022 Microsoft showed a running AMD Genoa generation EPYC processor with 24x DIMM slots and a massive heatsink with a Hydra BMC

MaxLinear Panther III is a Fake DPU at FMS 2022

The MaxLinear Panther III shown at FMS 2022 is clearly not a DPU even though the product shown was advertised as one.

The Forbidden Arm Server that is Banned in the US

We take apart a Huawei TaiShan 200 (2280) server with Kunpeng 920 Arm CPUs and see what makes this server, banned in the US, very different