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A Look at the FS N9510-64D A 64x 400GbE Switch

We take a look at the 64-port 400GbE switch, the FS N9510-64D to see how it works and what it takes to get memory bandwidth networking

This is a Broadcom Tomahawk 4 64-port 400GbE Switch Chip

We take a look at the 64-port 400GbE Broadcom Tomahawk 4 switch chip and the LGA8371 socket it uses to show some fun networking hardware

EdgeCore DCS520 AS9736-64D 64x 400GbE Switch at OCP Regional Summit 2023...

We saw the EdgeCore DCS520 AS9736-64D at the OCP Regional Summit this year and wanted to show our readers another 64-port 400GbE switch

Gigabyte Giga Computing TO24-JD1 Broadcom SAS4 2OU JBOD at OCP Regional...

We saw the Giga Computing/ Gigabyte TO24-JD1 SAS4 JBOD at the OCP Regional Summit in Prague for a next-gen 2OU 32-bay JBOD

Celestica Shows an 800G Broadcom Tomahawk 5 Switch at OCP Regional...

We saw a Celestica 800G Broadcom Tomahawk 5 switch at OCP Regional Summit 2023 in Prague that implemented a cool cabling trick

Broadcom Jericho3-AI Ethernet Switch Launched Saying NVIDIA Infiniband is Bad for...

In launching the new Broadcom Jericho3-AI Ethernet switch chip, Broadcom is taking an overt swipe at NVIDIA's Infiniband for AI

Broadcom BCM57508 NetXtreme-E 200GbE OCP NIC 3.0 Adapter is FAST

This Broadcom BCM57508 NetXtreme-E 200GbE OCP NIC 3.0 adapter is FAST offering up to 200GbE speeds from a single card.

Broadcom Tomahawk 5 based 51.2T Bailly Co-Packaged Optics Switch Shown

For OFC 2023, there is a new Broadcom Tomahawk 5 co-packaged optics 51.2T switch. CPO is about to become a big deal in the networking industry

Broadcom Stingray PS225-H16 Dual 25GbE DPU Photoshoot

We share a quick photo shoot with the Broadcom Stingray PS225-H16. This DPU line has been effectively retired, but we wanted to show the card

FS N5860-48SC 48x 10GbE 8x 100GbE Switch Review

The FS N5860-48SC is a Broadcom Trident 3-based 48x SFP+ 10GbE and 8x QSFP28 100GbE switch that adds better power supplies and management