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Monero NVIDIA GPU Mining with Docker and nvidia-docker

We have a fun way to earn some extra money using your machine learning NVIDIA GPUs to mine Monero (XMR) while learning nvidia-docker
DeepLearning02 Final Build No PSU RAM Side

DeepLearning02: A Sub-$800 AI / Machine Learning CUDA Starter Server

We show off a low-power and low-cost CUDA machine learning starter server build that has 10Gbase-T Ethernet and remote management (iKVM/ IPMI) built-in.

Trends in Server Compute 2017 – NVIDIA

Perhaps the company with the most momentum from 2016, NVIDIA is poised to have a huge 2017 given its strength in AI/ machine learning/ deep learning
Starter GPU CUDA Desktop Server 2016 GPU View

Optimizing a Starter CUDA Machine Learning / AI / Deep Learning...

We build a great starter CUDA machine learning/ AI/ deep learning server that is quiet, cost-effective and low power for initial forays into AI

New NVIDIA Xavier SoC – AI Computer for Automotive

At NVIDIA's European GTC 2016 the company announced a new ARM based SoC for automotive applications. NVIDIA has been successful in the automotive space, powering...
NVIDIA Tesla P40

NVIDIA Tesla P4 and Tesla P40 Launched

At GTC 2016 in Beijing NVIDIA Tesla P4 and Tesla P40 deep learning GPUs are being launched to bring PCIe Pascal to deep learning servers

NVIDIA Titan X – Pascal Titan X 12GB Card Released

The NVIDIA Titan X 12GB Pascal cards are released. Updated with a new chip and faster memory, NVIDIA did not update the product name this time around

NVIDIA Tesla P100 Pascal PCIe Cards Announced

At ISC 16 NVIDIA Tesla P100 Pascal PCIe cards were finally announced, bringing a more traditional form factor for NVIDIAs newest GPU architecture.

NVIDIA Announced new Tesla M10 and GRID software

NVIDIA launched a new version of its GRID software and a new GPU. The NVIDIA Tesla M10 is very similar to the NVIDIA GRID M40 we have been using in the STH lab, just with twice the memory per GPU.

The NVIDIA GRID M40 – 4x Maxwell GPUs and 16GB RAM...

We have information on the NVIDIA GRID M40 cards with 4x Maxwell GPUs each with 4GB of memory (16GB total) onboard and a low TDP. Great cards for machine learning