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Tesla V1 Dojo Interface Processor

Tesla Dojo Custom AI Supercomputer at HC34

At Hot Chips 34, we got a glimpse of the Tesla Dojo custom AI supercomputer, its V1 Interface NICs with HBM and how it scales data loading
HC34 Tesla Dojo UArch D1 Die Cover

Tesla Dojo AI Tile Microarchitecture

In the first Hot Chips 34 Tesla talk, the company discussed the Tesla Dojo microarchitecture, the underpinnings of its AI supercomputer chips
Tesla Supermicro NVIDIA A100 Cluster June 2021

Tesla Supercomputer with NVIDIA A100 80GB and Perhaps Supermicro Shown

We get a glimpse of the Tesla supercomputer powered by NVIDIA A100 80GB GPUs behind the company's autonomous driving, and guess the servers

NVIDIA A100 4x GPU HGX Redstone Platform

The NVIDIA Tesla A100 4x GPU HGX Redstone platform skips NVSwitch to provide smaller and lower cost Ampere-based topologies that are easy to integrate

NVIDIA A100 Ampere Resets the Entire AI Industry

With the NVIDIA Tesla A100 release, the company is resetting the bar for the entire HPC and AI industry with new accelerators

NVIDIA Tesla A100 HGX-2 Edition Shows Updated Specs

We go in-depth analyzing the new Tesla A100 teaser video NVIDIA put out and find key clues to what NVIDIA will announce in the Ampere generation

NVIDIA GTC 2020 Keynote Set for May 14

The delayed NVIDIA GTC 2020 keynote will stream on May 14 this year. This is NVIDIA's premiere launch event and NVIDIA has several lines due for refresh

Inspur NF5488M5 Review A Unique 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 Server

The Inspur NF5488M5 utilizes 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM3 modules and employs a NVSwitch based NVLink fabric to provide a top-end 8x GPU solution in this generation
Gigabyte G242 Z10 Tesla T4 Array

Gigabyte G242-Z10 Review 2U 4x GPU Server

In our Gigabyte G242-Z10 review, we take a look at how this AMD EPYC 2U 4x GPU server performs and some of the interesting features the platform provides

NVIDIA Tesla V100S Boasts Big Performance Gains at Same Power

The NVIDIA Tesla V100S is boasting double digit compute and memory bandwidth performance gains at the same power levels as the original Tesla V100