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DeepLearning12 Half Heatsinks Installed 800

Gigabyte G481-S80 8x NVIDIA Tesla GPU Server Review the DGX1.5

Our Gigabyte G481-S80 8x NVIDIA Tesla GPU server review with NVLink. With upgraded infrastructure including Intel Xeon Scalable, we call this an NVIDIA DGX 1.5 class system
SuperServer 8048B-TR4FT

Supermicro SYS-6049GP-TRT armed with 16x or 20x NVIDIA Tesla T4 Inferencing...

We investigate a recent Supermicro SYS-6049GP-TRT announcement where the company claims support for up to 20x NVIDIA Tesla T4 inferencing GPUs. We found that the image provided seems to depict the correct system, however with 16x NVIDIA Tesla V100 150W GPUs
DeepLearning12 Hardware Overview Title

A Quick Hardware Overview of DeepLearning12 8x NVIDIA Tesla Server

We have a quick hardware overview of DeepLearning12, our 8x NVIDIA Tesla server with NVLink. This includes a short video tour of the Gigabyte G481-S80 server platform we built DeepLearning12 upon.

NVIDIA Tesla T4 AI Inferencing GPU and NVIDIA AGX Announced

A new Turing GPU is born as the NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU replaces the Pascal Tesla P4 generation of AI inferencing GPUs built for servers
ORNL Watercooling

US DoE Announces Summit with IBM Power and NVIDIA Tesla

Built for a number of high-performance computing and AI use cases, the US DoE ORNL Summit supercomputer uses IBM Power9, NVIDIA Telsa V100, and Mellanox EDR Infiniband to achieve over 200 PFLOPS of performance
Baidu X MAN SXM2 Watercooling

Baidu X-MAN Liquid Cooled 8-Way NVIDIA Tesla V100 Shelf

At GTC 2018, we saw the Baidu X-MAN which forms the backbone of the Baidu Cloud GPU effort. This GPU box has 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs with NVLink and is designed for switched PCIe fabric
NVIDIA DGX Station Cover

NVIDIA DGX Station Upgraded to Tesla V100

The NVIDIA DGX Station originally launched with the Pascal-based Tesla P100 has been upgraded to the new generation NVIDIA Volta V100 generation parts