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IBM Q System One Quantum Computer Launched

Set for delivery to the IBM Q Quantum Computation center later in 2019, the new IBM Q System One quantum computer looks sleek in its CES 2019 debut

IBM Gobbles up Red Hat for $34B Implications and Possibilities Abound

In Sunday deal news, IBM purchased Red Hat for around $34 billion. This has big implications for the ecosystem and many are going to spend the rest of the week assessing the implications

Supermicro P9DSU-C Based IBM POWER9 Server Spotted with Xilinx FPGAs

At Xilinx XDF we saw a Supermicro Power9 based server behind the IBM LC922 2U dual IBM Power9 solution. This demo system paired the Supermicro P9DSU-C platform with a Xilinx Alveo FPGA card to show off what the two can accomplish together.

IBM POWER9 Scale Up CPUs with Huge IO and Effective 32...

IBM POWER9 presentation at Hot Chips 30 showed off huge I/O, effective 32 channel DDR4 and upcoming support for NVLink 3.0

IBM POWER9 E950 and E980 Servers Launched

The new IBM POWER9 scale-up servers launched with some awesome specs including PCIe Gen4. The IBM Power E950 is a 4 socket server with up to 48 cores/ 192 threads and 16TB of RAM. Scaling to 16 sockets, 1536 threads, and 64TB of RAM is the IBM Power E980.
ORNL Watercooling

US DoE Announces Summit with IBM Power and NVIDIA Tesla

Built for a number of high-performance computing and AI use cases, the US DoE ORNL Summit supercomputer uses IBM Power9, NVIDIA Telsa V100, and Mellanox EDR Infiniband to achieve over 200 PFLOPS of performance

New NVIDIA Volta GPUs on IBM Cloud

IBM and NVIDIA are teaming up to bring the latest NVIDIA Tesla V100 Volta generation GPUs to the IBM cloud and POWER9 on-premise solutions for deep learning / AI teams

IBM POWER Confirmed Impacted by Security Design Flaws

IBM POWER architectures have been confirmed to have the same security design flaws that hit Intel, AMD, and ARM in 2018 with patches for speculative execution

Trends in Server Compute 2017 – IBM Power Prospects

Our take on the prospects of IBM Power servers in 2017 compute. IBM has the high-performance non-x86 chip and a strategy to go mainstream

IBM Launches Power Z and new Software Initiatives for Expanding Power...

IBM launches new hardware, industry partnerships and initiatives to help companies migrate to a hybrid cloud architecture using IBM Power and the IBM cloud