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ORNL Watercooling

US DoE Announces Summit with IBM Power and NVIDIA Tesla

Built for a number of high-performance computing and AI use cases, the US DoE ORNL Summit supercomputer uses IBM Power9, NVIDIA Telsa V100, and Mellanox EDR Infiniband to achieve over 200 PFLOPS of performance

New NVIDIA Volta GPUs on IBM Cloud

IBM and NVIDIA are teaming up to bring the latest NVIDIA Tesla V100 Volta generation GPUs to the IBM cloud and POWER9 on-premise solutions for deep learning / AI teams

IBM POWER Confirmed Impacted by Security Design Flaws

IBM POWER architectures have been confirmed to have the same security design flaws that hit Intel, AMD, and ARM in 2018 with patches for speculative execution

Trends in Server Compute 2017 – IBM Power Prospects

Our take on the prospects of IBM Power servers in 2017 compute. IBM has the high-performance non-x86 chip and a strategy to go mainstream

IBM Launches Power Z and new Software Initiatives for Expanding Power...

IBM launches new hardware, industry partnerships and initiatives to help companies migrate to a hybrid cloud architecture using IBM Power and the IBM cloud

Building a server? Recent deals on RAID parts IBM ServeRAID, LSI...

Many users of this site purchase server pulls of IBM ServeRAID and LSI MegaRAID cards to complete systems. A common focus is on RAID...

IBM ServeRAID M5014 RAID Controller with BBU – $139.50

It looks like there is another IBM ServeRAID M5014 RAID controller with BBU deal. This time $139.50 for one day on ebay. Then the...

How to Flash IBM ServeRAID M5014 to LSI 9260-8i Firmware

The IBM ServeRAID M5014 has quickly become a enthusiast favorite. Recently we did a piece on finding a great deal on IBM ServeRAID M5014's with...

LSI SAS 2208 RAID Controller Information and Listing

One of the most popular server RAID controller chips out there is the LSI SAS 2208. The LSI SAS 2208 is a 6.0gbs SAS...

LSI SAS 2108 RAID Controller Information and Listing

One of the most popular server RAID controller chips out there is the LSI SAS 2108. The LSI SAS 2108 is a 6.0gbs SAS...