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Intel ISC 2023 Big AI Update and More on Aurora

During the Intel ISC 2023 updates we heard more about Aurora, albeit without a Top500 entry, a MAJOR Falcon Shores update, and GPU Max

Intel Announces it is 3 Years Behind AMD and NVIDIA in...

Intel announced the end of the traditional CPU and GPU HPC architecture as we know it with some big roadmap updates

Intel Xeon Max CPU is the Sapphire Rapids HBM Line

The Intel Xeon Max CPU, formerly Sapphire Rapids HBM, will add up to 64GB of HBM2e and 56 cores in a 350W TDP package for HPC

How Liquid Cooling is Prototyped and Tested in the CoolIT Liquid...

We tour the CoolIT Liquid Lab and see how liquid cooling systems are prototyped and tested to ensure reliable operation in the field

Raja’s Chip Notes Lay Out Intel’s Path to Zettascale

After bumping into Raja Koduri, at SC21, we had a few beers and he explained Intel's path to achieving Zettascale "1000x" systems in ~5 years

Intel Xe HPC Ponte Vecchio Shows Next-Gen Packaging Direction

Today Intel showed off Ponte Vecchio, the Intel Xe HPC GPU that shows next-level silicon packaging integration
Dell EMC Ready Solutions For AI And HPC GPUaaS

Dell Brings Turnkey GPUaaS to VMware Using Bitfusion

Dell is bringing turnkey GPUaaS solutions to its customers enabled through VMware and Bitfusion to ease AI clusters into corporate IT
AMD EPYC 7742 Cover

Microsoft Azure HBv2 HPC Features AMD EPYC 7002 and Mellanox

The new Microsoft Azure HBv2 instances feature high-end AMD EPYC 7002 series CPUs along with Mellanox HDR Infiniband for next-gen cloud HPC
Cray Shasta CoolIT Liquid Cooling

Happy Cray Day HPE Completes the Acquisition

HPE completed the acquisition of the high-performance computing powerhouse Cray. Now the work begins to deliver on synergies
Lenovo Scott Tease

Lenovo Discusses Deep Learning and AI Q3 2019

Scott Tease, Executive Director, HPC & AI, Lenovo Data Center Group answers our questions as part of our Deep Learning and AI Q3 2019 series