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AWS Changing to Per Second Billing on October 2 2017

AWS is changing its hourly pricing model for many services starting October 2, 2017 to a per second billing schedule yet there are many holdouts

VMware Cloud on AWS Initial Availability

At VMworld 2017 VMware Cloud on AWS initial availability has finally been announced in US West (Oregon) after being a technology preview for almost a year

New AWS G3 GPU Compute Instances Launched in EC2

Amazon AWS launched new EC2 G3 GPU compute instances with generation old Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs. Is this a trend to take note of?

The Chart that has HPE and Dell EMC Scared and Singing...

We take a look at trend data that has HPE and Dell EMC rapidly shifting to adopt hyper-converged and hybrid cloud strategies

AWS Route53 DNS Service Interruption – Not Updating Issue “Rate Exceeded”

The AWS Route53 DNS service is experiencing a major interruption/ outage. It is processing DNS requests but is not updating DNS entries for customers

AWS i3 Instance Type Available: Hello NVMe!

AWS i3 instance types bring low latency NVMe storage with up to 8 drives (almost 2TB each) per instance along with Broadwell-EP processors

VMware and AWS Full Steam Ahead in Cloud Partnership

VMware and AWS unveiled a new public cloud partnership where AWS infrastructure can be used to run VMware workloads and managed using VMware tools

VMware and Windows in Decline? Why you need to look at...

Trends are clear, although they have huge followings, VMware and Windows Server are in decline while AWS and Docker are growing rapidly in popularity

Amazon EC2 t1.micro Instance Performance Benchmarks

A often asked question is whether one should use an Amazon EC2 t1.micro instance or a VMWare ESXi 5.0 server at home. For this...