Amazon Relational Database Service on VMware

Amazon Relational Database Service RDS On VMware
Amazon Relational Database Service RDS On VMware

One of the key themes at VMworld 2018 is the bridging of multiple clouds and hybrid clouds. AWS is the biggest cloud provider so when they team with the enterprise cloud provider VMware to bring a new capability, it is time to take note. At VMworld 2018, Amazon announced that its Relational Database Service will be available on VMware.

Amazon Relational Database Service on VMware

Amazon Relational Database Service is the company’s managed database product often called RDS for short. The concept behind the offering at its launch was simple: provide an easy way for developers and IT departments to deploy and manage the lifecycles of databases.

As companies move to a hybrid cloud model, that has left a void. The way one would typically manage their databases in a VMware environment would be different than how they would be managed with Amazon RDS. Today’s announcement means that one can use Amazon RDS to deploy and manage databases.

The other implication is that one can migrate and use infrastructure more seamlessly. One can, for example, save Amazon RDS backups in the public or private cloud. Scaling to additional or larger instances can happen on-premise or in cloud instances. Adding redundancy by using different availability zones and data centers is possible using standard placement tools.

Amazon RDS on VMware was not heavy on details at today’s announcement but it did say that there would be support for most popular database types.

We think that this can be a game-changer for organizations that are running hybrid clouds. At the same time, for those running with more than one public cloud provider, using a service like Amazon RDS for VMware may complicate the ability to seamlessly use other providers. We will see when Amazon Relational Database Service for VMware starts shipping.


The companies expect that these capabilities will be available a few months after today’s announcement.



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