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AWS Nitro v5 Ups the Cloud DPU Game Again

AWS Nitro v5 extends an already enormous lead in the DPU space with a new generation of card designed to deliver more speed and services

Amazon AWS EC2 Adds Apple M1 Mac Mini to Arm Instance...

By introducing new AWS EC2 Apple M1 Mac Mini instances, Amazon has become the first public cloud provider to embrace two proprietary Arm CPUs

YellowDog Cloud Instance Management at ISC 2022

At ISC 2022, YellowDog showed off its cloud management platform that helps match workloads to the right instances on-prem and across clouds

AWS Graviton3 Hits GA with 3 Sockets Per Motherboard Designs

Amazon AWS Graviton3 C7g instances are now in GA and are built upon a 3 CPU per motherboard design which is very unique

Stop Leaving Performance on the Table with AWS EC2 M6i Instances

Get over acceleration hesitancy and stop leaving performance on the table with AWS EC2 M6i Ice Lake instances. We get into this 2022 trend

AWS Nitro the Big Cloud DPU Deployment Detailed

We go into the AWS Nitro and why the server industry needs to catch up and replicate functionality with DPUs

Amazon AWS Launches Graviton3 Arm Processors

Amazon AWS Graviton3 processors powering its next-generation instances will provide new acceleration for crypto, AI, and HPC workloads
AWS M6i V M6g Why Acceleration Matters

AWS EC2 m6 Instances Why Acceleration Matters

We take a quick look at some of the acceleration impact of Intel Ice Lake Xeons with AWS M6 instances to show why it is an important trend

Amazon AWS EC2 VT1 Instances Use Xilinx FPGAs for Video Transcoding

Amazon AWS EC2 VT1 instances utilize Xilinx Alveo U30 FPGAs to bring lower-cost video transcoding to the cloud, and soon to AWS Outposts

Amazon AWS EC2 M6i Intel Xeon Ice Lake Powered Instances Launched

The new Amazon AWS EC2 M6i instances bring Ice Lake Xeon to the AWS cloud. There were a few notable points made in the release announcement