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Broadcom Agrees to Purchase VMware Shaking Up the Industry

Broadcom agrees to purchase VMware, and VMware customers should be bracing for business practices seen in the server hardware space

VMware Project Capitola Enables Local and Cluster Memory Tiering

VMware Project Capitola was a star at VMworld 2021. This enables a more hyper-scale like model of offering local and cluster memory tiering

VMware Tanzu Community Edition Released

VMware Tanzu Community Edition is out allowing a free-to-use path for trying VMware's Tanzu container solution

VMware Remote Code Execution Vulnerability is a 9.8 of 10

VMware VMSA-2021-0020 focuses on CVE-2021-22005 covering a critical severity (9.8 of 10) remote code execution vulnerability. Patch now STH

Liqid Matrix vCenter Plugin Launched

The new Liqid Matrix vCenter plugin allows VMware shops to easily access the composable infrastructure solution

VMware vSphere 7 and vSAN 7 Update 2 Brings NVIDIA A100...

We take a critical look at the VMware vSphere 7 Update 2 announcement bringing full NVIDIA A100 support 10 months after launch and vSAN 7U2

Pat Gelsinger exiting VMware to take on CEO role at Intel

A take on Pat Gelsinger exiting VMware to take on a new role as CEO of Intel and what it means for the company's XPU hunt

Getting Started with VMware ESXi on ARM with a Raspberry Pi

We show you how to get started with VMware ESXi on Arm using a Raspberry Pi so that you can embark on an Arm server learning adventure

What is a DPU A Data Processing Unit Quick Primer

In our Data Processing Unit Quick Primer we answer the question of "what is a DPU?" and discuss some of the key implementations today

VMware Project Monterey ESXi on Arm on DPU

We discuss the impact of VMware Project Monterey bringing ESXi on Arm and DPUs to the VMware ecosystem with features similar to AWS