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Hot Chips 33 Advance Program Launched

The Hot Chips 33 advance program has been launched and features a number of very interesting talks coming in a few months

Victor Peng CEO of Xilinx Updates its Progress in 2021

We got an update with Victor Peng, CEO of Xilinx, on its progress against the growth strategy the company explained in 2018

Intel Claims Agilex FPGAs are Twice as Good as Xilinx Versal

Intel is out with a new claim that its 10nm SuperFin Agilex FPGAs are twice as efficient as Xilinx Versal ACAPs
Xilinx Kria KV260 Starter Kit Cover

Xilinx Kria Edge AI SOMs Launched with Developer Kit

The new Xilinx Kria line aims to bring a pre-built System-on-Module to market with a FPGA, Arm cores, and more in a ready-to-deploy design

Xilinx Brings the COPs with Zynq and Artix UltraScale+

Xilinx Zynq and Artix UltraScale+ are the new COPs options from the company that bring new capabilities in smaller and lower power packages

Xilinx Alveo SN1000 FPGA-powered 100GbE SmartNIC

In a DCG Spring 2021 update we get the Xilinx Alveo SN1000 100GbE FPGA/ Arm SmartNIC, a Xilinx App Store, and more

Xilinx-Samsung SmartSSD Computational Storage Drive Launched

The Xilinx-Samsung SmartSSD combines a Xilinx Kintex FPGA and a Samsung 4TB V-NAND SSD for a computational storage drive

AMD to Acquire Xilinx Continuing Consolidation

AMD announced plans to acquire Xilinx which makes a lot of sense from the standpoint of product portfolios and markets
Gigabyte G242 Z10 Tesla T4 Array

MLPerf 0.7 Inference Released Others Join to Promote NVIDIA and Intel

MLPerf 0.7 Inference was released with new tests and the start of OEM participation to support NVIDIA. We also see some start to edge and IoT inclusion

Xilinx T1 FPGA for ORAN Baseband Unit

The Xilinx T1 telco accelerator combines two different FPGAs onto a single PCIe card to accelerate 5G Open Radio Access Networks