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AMD Xilinx Kria KR260 Robotics Kit Launched

The new AMD Xilinx Kria KR260 robotics kit is out bringing a pre-built robotics baseboard, K26 SOM, and the app store experience to devs

AMD Xilinx Zynq RFSoC Nabs Meta 5G O-RAN Win

AMD announced that Meta has selected its Xilinx-based Zynq RFSoC for the Evenstar 5G radio access offering

AMD Xilinx Versal Premium ACAP with AI Engines Launched

The AMD Xilinx Versal Premium ACAP with AI Engines brings high-speed IO and accelerators for fast signal processing

AMD Xilinx VCK5000 AI Accelerator Launched

The new AMD Xilinx VCK5000 is designed to bring AI inference acceleration alongside other parts of the pipeline onto the Versal ACAP card

AMD Completes its Acquisition of Xilinx

The AMD-Xilinx merger has closed offering big opportunities for the combined company going forward in data center, 5G, and embedded

AMD Hits the ROCm Reset Switch with 5.0 – Get Excited

AMD ROCm 5.0 has made some notable quality-of-life improvements for developers, and AMD now has a hint of FPGA in its ROCm definition

AMD-Xilinx Merger Gets the Green Light From China

The AMD-Xilinx merger gets the conditional green light from China but now needs to clear HSR in the US to close. We discuss what that means

Xilinx Alveo U55C Brings HBM FPGAs to the HPC Market

The Xilinx Alveo U55C brings 16GB of HBM2 memory to a single slot 150W card with dual QSFP28 ports to create a unique HPC offering

Amazon AWS EC2 VT1 Instances Use Xilinx FPGAs for Video Transcoding

Amazon AWS EC2 VT1 instances utilize Xilinx Alveo U30 FPGAs to bring lower-cost video transcoding to the cloud, and soon to AWS Outposts
Versal AI Edge 4x Cover

7nm Xilinx AI Edge Inference Chips at Hot Chips 33

At Hot Chips 33, Xilinx went into a bit more detail around its new 7nm edge SoCs dubbed the Xilinx AI Edge Inference line