Patriot PS-100 Benchmark Update New Firmware v2.008


I got a note asking to update my original benchmark for the Patriot PS-100 32GB with results from the new Patriot PS-100 Firmware v2.008. Performance is said to be better and it is!

Update 6 June 2010: New Patriot PS-100 32GB Firmware v3.000 benchmarks are up.

The specs of the update are:

Firmware update #2.008

Quick Teaser: The results got better!

First the update process. Patriot did a great job here as this can be done with Windows 7 running. If you have ACHI also enabled, you can just re-plug the drive after the firmware update and this takes a total of about a minute. Compared to Indilinx SSD’s where you need to boot out of windows to update at this point, this is a nice feature. Bad news is that my data didn’t survive, however I am installing this into a new ESXi v4.0 server so I did not need the old Windows Server 2008 R2 installation on there. Here is the process:

1. Download, unzip, and run firmware update:

PS-100 Firmware Update 2.008 Program

2. Click upgrade:

PS-100 Firmware Update 2.008 Successful

3. Re-plug the drive in… and you are done! Very easy process.

Now for the benchmarks. First ATTO:

Patriot PS-100 32GB Updated Firmware ATTO Benchmark 2.008

Note the new benchmarks show significant write speed improvement, and in most places some decent read speed improvements. Now for CrystalDiskMark:

Patriot PS-100 32GB Updated Firmware CrystalDiskMark Benchmark 2.008

Here we note again a slightly lower sequential read speed, but sequential writes up over 40%, 512k reads up almost 50%, 4k reads up about 50%, and 4k writes up 25%. That is a BIG improvement from a firmware upgrade even with the lower peak sequential write speeds.

Overall, if you are a current or perspective Patriot PS-100 32GB owner, this firmware upgrade makes a big difference. It may not be in the performance category of an OCZ Vertex/ Vertex LE, Crucial C300, or Intel X25-M, but this is much improved performance.



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