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Intel D3-S4610 SATA Mixed Use SATA SSD Launched up to 3.84TB

With up to 3.84TB of capacity, the newly launched Intel D3-S4610 SATA III 6.0gbps mixed-use SSDs are chasing a higher endurance and performance SATA flash tier

Intel D3-S4510 240GB to 3.84TB SATA SSDs for Value Segments

The new Intel D3-S4510 has capacities ranging from 240GB to 3.84TB. These 3D NAND TLC SATA SSDs are targeted at the value SATA III markets

Intel SSD D5-P4320 Data Center 7.68TB QLC SSD

The Intel SSD D5-P4320 is the first data center NVMe SSD announced using Intel's new QLC technology. Storing more bits per cell means that the Intel D5-P4320 has a capacity of 7.68TB and a relatively low price point

Radian Memory Systems RMS-350 U.2 Open Channel 2.0 SSD

The Radian Memory Systems RMS-350 U.2 form factor SSD is an Open Channel 2.0 compliant SSD that combines up to 12TB of flash and 12GB of NVRAM into a device that introduces a new level of management

Intel Revamps Data Center SSD Naming Conventions

New Intel data center SSD naming conventions are here starting with all drives released after June 2018. Intel has a new hierarchy with Optane still atop.

ADATA Shows off SSD and NVDIMM Line at Computex 2018

At Computex 2018, ADATA showed STH a number of interesting server products including NVMe SSDs in many form factors, SATA DOMs and USB DOMs, as well as NVDIMMs

Micron and Intel Release QLC NAND and Micron 5210 ION Shipping

Micron and Intel release QLC NAND that bumps the industry firmly into a new tier of storage density. This is not just a lab demo as Micron 5210 ION is in limited release with the new QLC NAND and with more products coming

New 256TB 1U Ruler NVMe SSD Supermicro SSG-136R-NR32JBF Offering

The new Supermicro SSG-136R-NR32JBF offering is a 1U JBOF that supports up to 12 directly attached hosts and Intel Ruler SSDs for capacities of 256TB today and up to 1PB of storage next year. The company also has a standard version for NVMeoF applications

Intel DC P4510 Review Blowing the Doors off Previous Gen

The Intel DC P4510 NVMe SSDs easily outpace previous generation Intel SSD products due to new controller optimizations and 64-layer 3D NAND. Beyond the speeds, capacities start at 1TB and go up to 8TB for the P4510

Microsoft Project Denali a Game Changer for Flash Storage at Scale

Microsoft Project Denali is a potential game-changer for flash storage at the scale Azure operates at. The company outlined how and why this is moving into production this year at OCP Summit 2018