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Sabrent Rocket NVMe 4.0 Review PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD 1TB

Our Sabrent Rocket NVMe 4.0 SSD review shows how this 1TB PCIe Gen4 M.2 device performs relative to some other offerings on the market

Corsair Force MP600 Review 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD

Our Corsair Force MP600 review shows how this 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD performs and why this should be on your list for PCIe Gen4 platforms

Intel SSD 665p Series with New 96-layer QLC NAND Debut

Intel SSD 665p series with the company's new 96-layer QLC NAND debut with higher endurance as well as higher performance in the segment

Micron X100 3D XPoint PCIe x16 NVMe SSD

Micron X100 PCIe x16 SSD uses NVMe and 3D XPoint to deliver a 9GBps and 2.5M IOPS device becoming what it claims is the fastest SSD

Micron 7300 Series NVMe SSDs Launched

The Micron 7300 series of NVMe SSDs come in 7mm U.2 and 22110 and 2280 form factors with capacities up to 7.68TB to transition the market to NVMe storage

Micron 5300 SATA SSDs Launched

Micron 5300 SATA SSDs have three different lines the Boot, Pro, and Max lines that span a variety of use cases for M.2 and 2.5 in SSDs

Kingston DC450R SSD Released SATA and 3.84TB Maximum

The Kingston DC450R SSD is a read optimized SATA SSD with 3.84TB maximum capacity for the data center but it is missing a key feature

SK Hynix Gold S31 1TB SATA SSD Review

In our SK Hynix Gold S31 review, we show how this value-oriented 1TB SSD performs in our SSD benchmark suite and what makes it compelling

Next-generation Intel QLC NAND Increases Capacity and Performance

Next-generation Intel QLC NAND will increase capacity and performance. We saw the next-gen 96-layer QLC Intel 665p SSD running alongside the current 660p

Samsung PM1733 and PM1735 PCIe Gen4 SSDs

The Samsung PM1733 and PM1735 PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs are a distinctively first-generation PCIe Gen4 SSD effort from the company showcasing new technologies
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