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Apple macOS Server Formally Discontinued

Apple formally discontinued macOS Server marking the long-awaited end of an era that started 20 years ago with Xserve

Apple Mac Mini M1 10GbE Gets 10Gbase-T

We take a look at the Apple Mac Mini M1 with 10GbE and see a new Marvell 10Gbase-T NIC that we think our users will gravitate to

Amazon AWS EC2 Mac Mini Powered MacOS Instances Launched

Amazon AWS EC2 now has MacOS bare metal instances powered by 2018 Mac Mini Intel Core i7 32GB systems available as mac1.metal dedicated hosts

Patriot PS-100 Benchmark Update New Firmware v2.008

I got a note asking to update my original benchmark for the Patriot PS-100 32GB with results from the new Patriot PS-100 Firmware v2.008....