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Patriot PS-100 Benchmark Update New Firmware v3.000

The Patriot PS-100 32GB continues to be a very low cost SSD after rebates. I purchased two of the drives early on and did...

Patriot PS-100 Benchmark Update New Firmware v2.008

I got a note asking to update my original benchmark for the Patriot PS-100 32GB with results from the new Patriot PS-100 Firmware v2.008....

The Big (30+ drive) Windows Home Server (Part 1)

About 10 months ago I decided to enter the world of the Windows Home Server. My storage arrays had outstripped my Cosmos S's capacity, and...

Update: Patriot PS-100 32GB Raid 0 Benchmarks

Here's a quick update to the Patriot PS-100 32GB review including Raid 0 benchmarks with two drives. Also, for comparison (to a much higher-end setup)...