Update: Patriot PS-100 32GB Raid 0 Benchmarks


Here’s a quick update to the Patriot PS-100 32GB review including Raid 0 benchmarks with two drives.

Also, for comparison (to a much higher-end setup) see: Two OCZ Vertex v1.5 Firmware Raid 0 Benchmarks

Update 6 June 2010: New Patriot PS-100 32GB Firmware v3.000 benchmarks are up (single drive).

Starting with CrystalDiskMark here is the Raid 0 versus the original:

2x Patriot PS-100 32GB SSD in Raid 0
2x Patriot PS-100 32GB SSD in Raid 0
1x Patriot PS-100 32GB SSD
1x Patriot PS-100 32GB SSD

Improvements across the board with sequential reads getting a huge boost and 4k writes get a rather large performance boost in Raid 0 for no apparent reason.

Next ATTO results:

2x Patriot PS-100 32GB SSD's in Raid 0
2x Patriot PS-100 32GB SSD's in Raid 0
Patriot PS-100 32GB SSD ATTO benchmark
Patriot PS-100 32GB SSD ATTO benchmark

Interesting to note, sequential reads seem to almost double while reads seem to not see as much of a benefit, as was seen in the CrystalDiskMark results above. This may me an area to investigate further.

For the original review see: http://www.servethehome.com/?p=206

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  1. For the time I raid them in Raid 0 I had no problem at all. Since then I’ve split the drives and run them in different boxes. Neither has had an issue to date. I will say that they aren’t the best performers out there, but are perfect cheap media center PC drives since they are low power consumption, no noise, and you can mount them anywhere.


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