Wiwynn at OCP Summit 2019 with XC200G2 and Immersion Cooling

Wiwynn Immersion Cooling Demo OCP @019
Wiwynn Immersion Cooling Demo OCP @019

Wiwynn is a major supplier to CSPs like Facebook which means it had a large presence at OCP Summit 2019. We had a chance to visit the company’s booth at the show and wanted to share two highlights.

Wiwynn XC200G2 PCIe Gen4 GPU Chassis

In the booth, STH was told that this is the first time the company was showing their new PCIe Gen4 GPU chassis. We double checked our coverage and we saw the unit at Computex 2018. See Wiwynn XC200G2 PCIe Gen4 16x Compute Accelerator Machine.

Wiwynn XC200G2 4U JBOx OCP 2019
Wiwynn XC200G2 4U JBOx OCP 2019

The main difference in 2019 is that we are in eager anticipation of multiple PCIe Gen4 chips hitting the market from AMD Rome, Intel, and Arm server vendors including the Huawei Kunpeng 920 64-Core Arm Server CPU. In 2018 this required an IBM Power system to utilize with PCIe Gen4. In 2019, this will be the type of chassis you will want with new generations of CPUs and accelerator cards.

Wiwynn 2-Phase Immersion Cooling

Immersion cooling was a big topic at OCP Summit 2019. Wiwynn had a 2-phase immersion cooling demonstration in their booth. Here is what that looked like:

Wiwynn Immersion Cooling Demo OCP @019
Wiwynn Immersion Cooling Demo OCP @019

CSPs are looking to hit on the order of 100kW or more from smaller space footprints. As a result, liquid immersion cooling is a hot topic and we expect to see it deployed more as we get to the 2020 timeframe. Liquid immersion cooling allows significantly lower power consumption. When CSPs combine the lower power consumption along with the floor space savings by getting higher densities, the economics of immersion cooling is changing.

Here is a video on the production solution:

Wiwynn has a 60kW 100 node 48V busbar powered tank already available for Tioga Pass OCP platforms.

Final Words

Wiwynn is a rapidly growing server company that you may never have heard of. We called it “The $5B Server Vendor You Probably Have Never Heard Of.” In 2018, our Editor-in-Chief, Patrick, showed Where Cloud Servers Come From Visiting Wiwynn in Taipei with a tour of the company’s lab. Many of those products that Patrick saw while in Taipei were at the OCP Summit 2019 being shown by various vendors to demonstrate how their products work in the OCP ecosystem. While Wiwynn may not be a household name, the company’s focus on the CSP market has given it a reputation for being a preferred supplier to very large cloud companies.


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