The Big WHS: First (Big) Pictures


Since there are some requests here are the servers side by-side. The New WHS is on burn-in duty while the old WHS has had 9.5TB removed thus far. I moved the cases to somewhere that is more comfortable for me to work from in anticipation of the “final” build this week. Also placing them next to each other made it really easy to segment the two servers on a dedicated switch for doing the file transfer.

Old WHS Being dismantled on the left, new WHS doing burn-in on right, IBM power supply in middle.

Here are two more pictures one of each server:

Here is a shot of inside the old WHS box that is being dismantled.

The new WHS is progressing. “Final” build will start on 18 Jan 2010 after the new HP SAS Expander arrives.

Currently depicted is a Norco 4U RPC-4020 with an Asus P6T7 WS Supercomputer motherboard, i7 920, Adaptec 31605, Adaptec 5805, Intel PRO/1000 PT Quad NIC, 12GB Patriot DDR3, Antec 1000w power supply. The 1.5TB WD Green sitting in the top of the case is one that has been behaving badly.

New WHS during burn-in. It isn't pretty!

Of note, the Dell 2716 switch and both servers draw about 600w when both servers are started up simultaneously. The Dell 2716 consumes only 12w of power from what I can find. Obviously the Antec TruePower Quattro 1,000w power supplies in both cases are a bit of overkill.


  1. Thanks for the pics! Looks awesome, I’m sooo jealous of the insane amounts of space. I see you put a 120 mm fan over the raid card, I guess they get hot. Are you going to be running Windows Server 2008 or something else?

  2. The raid cards need airflow and I don’t have the delta fan rack installed right now (to make swapping cables easier). That will not be there on the final build but it was necessary for now.

    On OS it will be Windows Server 2008 R2 with Windows Home Server running in Hyper-V. During burn-in it has been very stable so I’ve decided to go that route. It is pretty much the best of both worlds. Realistically, that box has way more CPU/RAM than WHS needs so even the small virtualization performance hit is not an issue.

  3. yeah that’s very true, I was wondering why you needed 12GB of RAM for a WHS box, but running 2x OS’s makes it very understandable these days. Anyway keep us updated


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