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SK hynix Introduces New 12-layer HBM3 Memory

SK hynix has new 12-layer HBM3 memory increasing capacity from 8-layer 16GB stacks to 12-layer 24GB stacks

What is a MCR DIMM or Multiplexer Combined Ranks DIMM

We go into what is a MCR DIMM or Multiplexer Combined Ranks DIMM and why it is important for increasing memory bandwidth in 2025 era servers

SK hynix Shows Non-Binary DDR5 Capacities at Intel Innovation 2022

At Intel Innovation 2022, SK hynix showed non-binary DDR5 capacities designed for next-generation server RDIMMs
HC34 Biren BR100 GPU Cover

MLPerf Inference v2.1 Results with Lots of New AI Hardware

The MLPerf Inference v2.1 results are out with lots of new hardware. NVIDIA and Intel previewed the H100 and Sapphire Rapids, Biren's GPU too

SK hynix CXL 2.0 Memory Expansion Modules Launched with 96GB of...

SK hynix CXL 2.0 memory expansion modules have been launched with 96GB of DDR5 in an E3.S EDSFF form factor for next-generation servers

SK hynix Platinum P41 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD Review

We review the SK hynix Platinum P41 1TB NVMe SSD and see how this new PCIe Gen4 M.2 SSD lives up to the reputation of its P31 predecessor

Solidigm Rises as Intel Sells SSD Business to SK Hynix

Solidigm is the new name for the Silicon Valley-based SK Hynix subsidiary now that Intel has sold the first part of its SSD business

SK hynix Announces Its Ultra-Fast HBM3

SK hynix announced that it has developed ultra-fast HBM3 in 16GB and 24GB capacities for next-generation chips

Marvell Bravera SC5 offers 2M IOPS and 14GBps in a PCIe...

The new Marvell Bravera SC5 SSD controller offers 2M IOPS and 14GBps in a PCIe Gen5 SSD powering 2022 NVMe SSDs

SK hynix Acquiring the Intel NAND Storage Business in a Big...

SK hynix is acquiring the Intel NAND storage business in a big industry shift that is going to re-balance the data center portfolios of each company