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Intel VROC Hardware Key Quick Reference Guide

We have a quick guide to the various Intel VROC hardware license keys and license levels so our readers can quickly reference them

Iodyne Pro Data Portable Thunderbolt NVMe RAID Launched

The Iodyne Pro Data is a portable Thunderbolt NVMe RAID solution for small studios and creative professionals

Pliops XDP Extreme Data Processor Launched

The Pliops XDP or Extreme Data Processor is designed to accelerate all-flash storage servers as a shift from traditional RAID controllers

Microchip Adaptec 24G SAS Tri-Mode RAID and HBA Launch

Microchip has new Adaptec 24G SAS trio-mode adapters that also support PCIe Gen4, NVMe, and SATA 6G drives with new RAID controllers and HBAs

ICY DOCK MB902SPR-B RAID Enclosure Review

The ICY DOCK MB902SPR-B allows one to mirror two hot-swappable 2.5" drives using a single 5.25" bay RAID enclosure

Microchip NVMe-SAS-4-SATA SmartROC 3200 and SmartIOC 2200 Launched

Preparing for 2021's transition to PCIe Gen4, Microchip has the SmartROC 3200 and SmartIOC 2200 series for NVMe, SAS-4, and SATA RAID/ HBAs

Marvell NativeRAID NVMe RAID for M.2 Solutions Comes to HPE

Marvell NativeRAID provides automatic RAID 1 for NVMe boot SSDs in HPE ProLiant servers with tight HPE iLO integration to replace SATA boot options

WD Red SMR vs CMR Tested Avoid Red SMR

We tested WD Red SMR v CMR drives to see if there was indeed a significant impact with the change. We found SMR can put data at risk 13-16x longer than CMR

New Microchip Microsemi Adaptec SmartRAID 3162-8i RAID Adapters

New Microchip Microsemi Adaptec SmartRAID 3162-8i RAID adapters feature 8 port SAS3 connectivity, onboard supercapacitors, and line rate controller based encryption

RAID Controller Batteries Time Bombs You Need to Replace

We spotted a LSI RAID controller battery pack in one of our lab servers that became severely deformed over the years. That highlights the importance of maintaining RAID controller batteries